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  1. anyone know the price of tickets if we're just going to see finals?
  2. I see Brandeis taking it, they have a lot of good momentum coming from their finals appearance at TMC two years ago; however, don't sleep on Del Rio as they have been rapidly improving as well. DR could very well be in the top half of finals with a good run.
  3. I didn't realize that was the official name of the school! I've just known them as Buda Johnson lol. That's cool that they're coming here, but yeah those should be our medalists then.
  4. marching band is a relatively new activity in the grand scheme of things. considering for dozens of socioeconomic, geographical, and political variables, it's really impossible to have everyone in the same playing field. especially here in Texas where funding is usually more athletics-centric; however, marching band in Texas is special and has been rapidly developing over the last few decades into a world class performance activity. this talk about overly decorated shows is just redundant. man, i want yall to search up Stephen F. Austin (Sugarland) 2016 show. the guard didn't even have flags and still placed in the top half of 6A. end of the day, control what you can control, because what else are you going to do?
  5. looking like the gold is between Anderson and Sharyland
  6. Not too familiar with this Area but I remember Permian from the 2016 SMBC and darn were they loud. Other than that, I remember Americas, Montwood, Coronado, and Pebble Hills being some of the bands that advanced in 2016 and 2018.
  7. haven't seen SB or Weslaco either. I do remember seeing a video of Weslaco in 2019 and man how they improved from one year to the next. I expect to see them in finals. Same for San Benito, but that's what I told myself 3 years ago as well; must have been a fluke though.
  8. In THAT case, I see Alexander or Hanna taking the chip. I’ll probably make a prediction list here if I can find some more recent performances from the 6A schools.
  9. United has a good shot at winning the visual caption; however, now that GE is being considered in UIL, it's going to be interesting to see the approach that judges have in scoring that caption. 2018 was a really interesting year for area g as the top two bands had very different objectives in mind; the lack of a GE caption definitely influenced a lot of how that contest turned out. Saw a video of Hanna recently and I think they sound great; probably top two in the music caption. If you've seen Alexander's show, it's safe for you to assume they'll win the GE caption without knowing much of how it it's scored. I'm curious how San Benito will do as they have been very volatile over the last few years; from getting fourth place at 2018 BOA McAllen regional to not making area finals that same season. Ultimately, I think there's gonna be programs coming into this competition with different strengths so I'm very interested in how this will all play out.
  10. For the first time, this is gonna be more competitive than 6A area. Let alone how much bigger this competition has gotten, these programs are hungry for success after two (four for one band specifically 😮) unfortunate years. With ~28 bands competing, the fight for finals is gonna be insane; with the bottom half of finalists being especially hard to predict. Time to make state finals, kiddos 😎 1. Roma Medal contenders (alphabetical) 2. Sharyland 3. Sharyland Pioneer 4. Rio Grande City 5. Brownsville Lopez - 6. Brownsville Veterans Memorial 7. Brownsville Pace Finals Dogfight (alphabetical) 8. Brownsville Porter/ Gregory Portland 10. Mission Veterans Memorial/ PSJA Southwest
  11. They had another band director (Ronnie Rios) who now oversees Area G band.
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