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  1. O.K. - so I will spark up the conversation to tomorrows event. my prediction to BOA Austin - both for AAAA Prelims and for the Finals 1. CTJ 2. Vandegrift 3. Vista Ridge Music - CTJ Visual - Vandegrift G.E. - CTJ good chance all 3 medals top scores above 80 convince me I am wrong
  2. it will be interesting to see what the impact will be. some programs that did not have a competitive season last year in some cases will have a freshman and sophomore class that are new to the rigorous marching season especially with this being a UIL State year for all. Many programs appear to be smaller this year. I know our district tracked the number of students lost to music/fine arts across all grade levels compared to 2019 and the number is significant and will have an impact for years to come on the high school programs as their feeders rebuild. I know that 4 of the 7 Texas bands going to Indy this year competed in UIL state in December, time will tell what the true impact will be.
  3. not sure - I assume it will be similar to UIL State last year, that was to purchase tickets online only and get the electronic tickets on your phone to avoid contact due to Covid concerns
  4. wonder if they will delay so long that there will be no finals? same risk in Austin next week with temps in the 90's that turf is going to be above 100 degrees by the afternoon
  5. if you buy the VIP package you get one ticket for the entire event in the press box. otherwise you have to by tickets for Prelim Fri $31.00, Prelim Sat $31.00 then Finals Sat either $36 for GA or $46 Reserved. - this is before the Ticketmaster mark up - not sure if you order them all that they just give you a single ticket but rather 3 different tickets
  6. I signed up for Box5 Media so I can see the early block in Austin before we drop off our son at CTJ around 10am and then head to Austin, I am thinking if I time it right, I can be sitting in the parking lot at Bucee's so I can log in and stream the Leander show at 11am and then head to Austin. heck, if I can get my wife to drive, I will just stream the event all the way up I-35. Right now the weather is going to be sunny and in the low 90's - (no raining on this parade) grab water and sun screen (and some Bush's chicken tenders.)
  7. so - I will try to be the responsible grown-up here, please hang with me for just a second as I am kinda new to this. I have seen multiple comments about band kids in that program reading this - but we now have at least a dozen of this comments that are in short, debating their program and they are in the middle of that debate. can we PLEASE get back on the topic of BOA Austin and leave this alone - hands have been slapped, let's stop making this worst - TXBands moderators - do you have the ability to remove the last dozen or so comments that are dealing with this topic. can we PLEASE get back to talking about BOA Austin and stop dogging on each other. thank you all for your time and have a great day - see you in Austin
  8. well put - I am just glad that it is not me in the doghouse this time
  9. Just a reminder, the second round of #teamtexas shirts, hoodies and merchandise will close in 2 weeks. once it closes at the end of the month, there will be no more product available. All products ordered during this time will be shipped to your home in mid-Oct - https://stores.inksoft.com/teamtexas/shop/home...
  10. I will state up front that I am biased (as those that have been here awhile know) I love this show and while it is looking good now, it has a very high ceiling and I am looking forward to what it will nook like in the Alamo Dome and at Lucas Oil in a few months. I agree that "Forest through the Trees" was an amazing show. it set record scores in Austin. Midland and San Antonio, I am very excited that this could be a year to take that kind of show to Indy. We seen far too many years that Texas Bands have phenomenal shows in San Antonio that never get to Indy. The Woodlands HS won San Antonio in 2013 and went on to win Grand Nats, Vandegrift came in second in San Antonio in 2019 and went on to win Grand Nats - yet we still hear "if Reagan went they would have won" - Think of all the shows that won San Antonio since 2013 and never took those shows onto Lucas Oil Stadium - CTJ 2014, FloMo 2015, Flomo 2016, CTJ 2017, FloMo 2018 (5 year run of Jaguars) - 2019 Reagan - too many to list pre-2013 This year, we will have 7 Texas 6A Bands that will represent the Lone Star State in Indy - in that group we have Texas UIL State Champions from the largest (5A/6A) classes since 2004 - and the BOA SA winners for every year since 2012. I am hopeful that this will be the year of Texas dominance in Indy. I have no doubt that we will see some amazing shows from all of our Texas bands, as we always do and that our #teamtexas group will work hard to represent our state well in Indy and I am comfortable that we will have a number of the #teamtexas bands in the top half of the finals at BOA SA that will then head of to Indy and hope to see Indy medals going to our Texas Bands and I hope that Kevin gets a return trip to Texas for some chips and Queso. Go #teamtexas
  11. that would surprise me to see them in 3rd or 4th - I love the Rock Band and CR, but I think that the top 4 are a lock - in no order CTJ, Vandy, Vista Ridge and Leander
  12. correct - CTJ is wearing their "Chameleon" uniforms - shown above - they used these from 2014-2016, they used the dance informs that had interchangeable tops, scarves, and plumes for 2017 - 2019, they went back to this uniform last year for their throwback show covering 10 years for their run at UIL state and will use again this year for the opposites attract show. I am assuming if you saw the black and white shirts - it was the practice shirts that separate the band into 2 different competing groups. it is all part of the story -
  13. I would assume they all get advanced to finals. cutting finals down will decrease the overall attendance for finals, and at the end of the day, this is a means of raising funds and to do so they will need butts in seats for finals.
  14. my understanding is that they are pushing for online sales due to the Covid-19 concerns. that may change later based on infection levels and tickets sold - I would suggest online purchase - even if they open up ticket counter sales the tickets will be slim pickings
  15. they have had a full show at BOA Austin since 2017 - I expect this year to be no different
  16. I would agree - from what I have seen, CTJ will likely have a full show on the field in Austin as is their norm, Vandegrift will come loaded - I think that Vista Ridge will be in the hunt for a medal - Excited to see what CP and CR have and always excited to see what Round Rock will bring - should be an amazing event
  17. love the growth we are seeing at this event - up to 27 bands coming out of Covid and a Nevada and a Colorado band - might have to make a road trip for this one
  18. for those that are no longer affiliated with a marching program and are going to Grand Nationals - tickets will go on sale tomorrow Sept 1st at 12 Noon Eastern Time good luck and hope to see you all there https://marching.musicforall.org/grandnationals/
  19. went to the CTJ Family and Friends Stadium night this evening. Amazing concept and design - bulk of the show is on the field and time to polish. I anticipate that it will be polished and morphed in the coming weeks prior to BOA Austin and will morph even more as they head through the season on their way to Indy. Great to see people back in the stadium, watching practice and then a full run to end the night. As always, they put on a heck of a show and I am very excited for my son's senior year -
  20. the #teamtexas webstore has reopened and will remain open this month https://stores.inksoft.com/teamtexas/shop/home
  21. I am rooting for all the #teamtexas schools this year - hoping for a strong showing at Grand Nationals. I would love to see all 3 of the San Antonio SR Medals to go to members of #teamtexas. TWHS took gold in 2013 at BOA-SA and took gold in Indy - Vandy took silver in 2019 and then won gold in Indy. as for CTJ - I love the show that they are putting together - amazing concept and while I know the concept of the show I am looking forward to their Friends and Family show this week and have no doubts that I will be amazed. the concept and music should have them in the medal hunts all season for both UIL and BOA. just a few more weeks and we get to see the real shows at Kelly Reeves.
  22. I think we will see less of the Covid mandates. the current wave has flattened and now on a decline in most of the Texas Metro areas. by the time BOA Austin rolls around we should be seeing people with a booster shots. At some point we are going to have to accept that Covid is here and likely to be around a while longer but may never go away. at some point we have to get on with our lives. whatever their reason, I look forward to seeing them at State and at Grand Nats
  23. that is my concern as well - burnout, if you look at the programs that are going to Grand Nats, they are looking at 7 performances in a 9 day span. 4 in the Alamo dome and then 3 in Indy. Reagan and CTJ have the advantage of sleeping in their own beds with no long bus rides after their shows in the dome. but even then, those are some very long days and then the immediately head out to Indy - hopefully all are flying and not doing that long bus ride to Indy. Good Luck to all of them as they prepare to run their gauntlet of band competitions. the directors are going to have their work cut out for them in keeping them motivated through that stretch.
  24. or it could be the cost of 2 trips to San Antonio in a 5 day span in a year they are already going to Indy. either way - I can't wait to see their show this year
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