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  1. this is 1 of 2 designs and will include the names of the attending schools on the back as we have done in the past, Both come in Black and Navy and come in both cotton and dry-fit materials. We will also have long sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, ball caps, wool caps and scarves. We have partnered with a vendor that will allow online ordering without going through the booster clubs (since you are no longer have Leandermomma in Texas to do an early morning pick up on my doorstep the morning of BOA San Antonio) The store will be open for a few weeks and then will close and orders will be proc
  2. when my daughter was in guard years ago, I was always amazed at the number of middle schools that had programs for guard - outside of Texas. it has been slow to catch on her but Mccullough has been impressive. one of our guard alumni members recently started at our feeder school as a teacher and got approval to teach guard class but then Covid hit - hoping it gets up and running for the 2021-22 school year. I think that is one of the things that holds back the Texas programs from competing at remaining in World Class. so many do well at the SO level and advance only to be moved back to SO a fe
  3. yes, it will impact Wando, and at some point the new school may surpass the old one. We saw the same thing when CTJ split off from Reagan in 2008. Reagan went from 5th at BOA-SA in 2007 to 14th place in 2008 and 2009. 2010 Reagan was 6th and CTJ was 10th at San Antonio and 2011 Reagan was 12th while CTJ finished San Antonio in 5th and made finals at Grand Nats. Wando is the best marching program in SC - it will be interesting to see who they react to the split on top of the Covid impact.
  4. My kid will be at college at this point. However she did mention that maybe this could be a Mom/Daughter kind of thing for us to do. I'll yell loud for TeamTexas for sure. I can vouch for how fun of a mother/daughter trip it is after they have graduated. ♥️ My daughter was at GNats in 2011 as a freshman, our son was at Gnats as a freshman in 2019 and she joined us to cheer for her brother. my son is getting s second GNats shot in 2021 and she wants to go. Since she is married now she is debating the trip. 2019 was a great time to see my daughter cheering for her brothe
  5. So - I know that there are a great deal of "known" programs attending Grand Nats - but these are the ones that I know we know that there are 12 spots for the finals at Grand Nats and Texas may own half of then, as they did in 2019 Based on the known participants we have to assume the following as 5 of the 6 known participants are repeat finalists. CTJ Ronald Reagan Round Rock FlowerMound TWHS the last band is Vista Ridge - a Texas 6A UIL state Champion - I assume we will see them as well. Get ready - we know that there are more bands , but Texas
  6. Grand Nationals are getting very interesting - get your tickets soon - this one will be one to remember
  7. I understand that you are obviously a Round Rock fan - just as I am a CTJ fan - but understand that I used 2019 results as that is the last full year we had all shows on the field and competing against each other. my bigger concern would be the programs that did not have a competitive season in 2020 and will now have both a freshman and sophomore class that have to learn the competitive marching season as well as deal with what could be a significant drop in size due to non-participation. to my knowledge, non of the Austin area schools had a competitive season and will be in that boat. I
  8. We will have to see who the attendees will be - how many other powerhouse programs make the trek from Texas? how many non-Texas powerhouse programs will be there? I know it may be outdated because we did not have a true 2020 season, but the 2019 BOA SA had the following finalists - the programs in bold CONFIRMED to attend 3 - Vista Ridge - No Competitive 2020 Season 7 - Claudia Taylor Johnson - 2020 UIL 6A State Champion 8 - The Woodlands - 2020 UIL 6A State Finalist 9 - FlowerMound - 2020 UIL 6A Bronze Medalist 11 - James Bowie - No Competitive 2020 Season
  9. I agree, with 7 bands that appear to have confirmed and still a few more that are still likely to announce, we may in fact be pushing out some other Texas bands. in 2019 all 6 Texas bands made finals and placed in the top 10 in semi finals, but it was a year that did not see a number of powerhouse programs that would normally attend - Tarpon, Broken Arrow, Blue Springs to name but a few. If they make appearances in 2021 it will limit the number of Texas Bands that will advance. CTJ, Vista Ridge, Bowie and Pearland would be likely finalist. I have not seen that Wills Point or Jack C Hays are n
  10. Just a reminder to join our facebook page to follow the Texas Bands making the trek to Indy in November. I have seen statements that there are 6 bands that have committed to Grand Nats. CTJ Vista Ridge Pearland Round Rock Wills Point Jack C Hays there are also 9 rumored programs - while I am sure it will change in the coming months as we start to see the programs actually committed through BOA - but this could be the largest #TeamTexas contingent ever in Indy be sure to join our Facebook group to follow all the programs as they go through their seas
  11. all of those competitions are their routine years with the exception of BOA Grand Nats - I think that may have been added when last years event got cancelled due to Covid. I would be surprised to see them do Grand Nats in 2021 with a new director especially since a new director has not been named and they did not compete last year so they could, like many others have a freshman and sophomore class that are new to a full marching season. If they go - I wish them luck and I will be there cheering for the them
  12. Just registered my son for CTJ's Grand Nats Trip in November with Music Travel - so it is official - barring a Covid return, CTJ is heading back to Indy 😃
  13. I agree and was not discounting Vandy, Reagan or any other program this coming year, just that Vista and CTJ are going to see each other a number of time (more than usual) with TMC and State before matching up in Indy. it should be great year for all programs and I wish them all the best
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