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  1. These are the bands that I have confirmed are attending - I would be surprised to get an announcement that late, that is a big amount of money to throw together that late. but if it happens, I would work with the vendor to see if we could adjust for the second opening of the webstore in late August. if there is another band out there that is planning to go they have done a great job keeping it a secret.
  2. here is the link to order your #teamtexas Products - this window will close on 8/15 - we hope to open a second window that will be available to have delivery prior to BOA-SA, UIL State and Grand Nats. https://stores.inksoft.com/teamtexas/shop/home
  3. nice - can't wait to see them join the BOA ranks representing NISD and San Antonio
  4. Sorry, this past week I reached out to the directors/boosters from all the programs and some asked that we hold off on launching the store until Monday July 15th with so many of their families out of town for summer trips/vacation. the first round of the store will run from 7/15 through 8/15 and will ship the week of Sept 6th. the second order window will be 8/30 to 10/3 and will ship the week of 10/25 All proceeds with be shared with the schools attending so be sure to pick the school you are supporting when you place your order. Have a safe and happy 4th of July. I will share the link
  5. just a reminder to join our Facebook page "#teamtexas 2021 Grand Nats" #teamtexas will open the first round of the team store with shirts, hoodies, hats, etc on July 2nd - be sure to get your #teamtexas swag and support the (7) 2021 team texas programs making the trek to Indy in November. all are welcome to join in the fun and follow the season to see if Kevin will remain in the Lone Star State.
  6. I know that TWHS will be attending Grand Nationals - those are the 7 #teamtexas bands I believe they will also be at BOA -SA and I would assume the Houston BOA in their back yard in Conroe
  7. CTJ will attend (as of right now) BOA Austin, Texas Marching Classic. BOA San Antonio, BOA Grand Nats
  8. I am a fan of Brandeis and could see a medal for them - I think the early favorite to win would be John B Alexander for this one.
  9. Texas UIL counts school enrollment of 9th - 12th graders. BOA only counts 10-12th grade students as they are a national circuit and while Texas middle schools are 6-8 and High School is 9-12, the west coast is 7/8th for middle school and in the east and others do middle school 7-9 and 10-12th for High School. When Texas schools open and explode with transfers and the new freshman class does not count for BOA you get some big programs that compete in the lower classes of BOA - it is usually an advantage as it is a smaller pool of schools that compete in those classes
  10. I like your thought process here - it may change in the coming months but I like where you started here
  11. if you want to say that the CTJ program is privileged, it is only because we have hundreds of parents that put in thousands of hours to fundraise and support the program like every other program in the state. make no mistake, the program struggles with funding like every other program in the state and work tirelessly to ensure that no student is turned away from performing due to funding and that is no easy task. to clarify, CTJ does not have a "cash cow" in whataburger as it is not that kind of sponsorship, CTJ does not attend 6 BOA regionals a year - they are going to Austin (90 miles
  12. without a doubt - I am sure that there are many schools such as the ones in the West that do not have much BOA to speak due to where they are located that make the trek - but for a Texas band that has 6 regionals and a super regional within the state would not take advantage of those shows before making that kind of financial investment of Indy. again, just my thoughts
  13. Whitesboro attended BOA Austin in 2016 (finished 30th of 31 Bands) BOA Dallas (finished 29th of 31 Bands) before competing at Grand Nationals (79th of 100 Bands) that year I do not see that they competed in BOA prior to that or that they have done BOA since that time. it appears that they do non-BOA events like teh HEB marching contest, so I would assume that it was 1 year "dip your toes in" kinda thing.
  14. not sure if there has been but most directors that are going to Grand Nats want to get in front of the judges a few times in the season to get the judges comments on the show. many times the judges that are at the larger BOA events are also the judges that are at Grand Nats and that input is valuable as BOA does not judge/score the same as the non-BOA or UIL events
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