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  1. Results weren't particularly surprising to me, with how stacked the bubble was. That being said, as alumnus of Round Rock, I really feel for them.
  2. I believe they are referring to Round Rock in 2017. That year they placed 18th at SA, and made 12th at National finals. Coincidentally, 2017 was also the year Avon came to SA. L.D. Bell was the 15th place band that year with a score over 90.
  3. 13/14 of the finalists guessed correctly, 6/7 of the top half correct too. I guess I still know a thing or two 😛 That being said, I am worried for Round Rock. Grand Nationals will be harder to make Finals at than here, and I expected them to make it here. RR typically peaks right at 'Nats but unlike other recent years they have less than a week to work on it, and are doing State. I won't say it's impossible but they certainly have work ahead of them if they are to make GN Finals this year. The recaps that come out at midnight should be an indicator as to how much they should worry.
  4. It's certainly hard to imagine them not making it, I'll give you that. Especially when they just won a reasonably competitive BOA regional yesterday with a caption sweep. I simply err closer to the side of caution when calling any band a 100% lock for SA finals, since it all depends on what goes down on that field, at that time, in that dome. That's partially why I say "Locks" in quotations. I agree with you. There's just so many bands out there that they kinda mesh together to me now (especially in the Houston area) that I tend to forget about some in the middle to deeper bubble. But for sure, I'd love to see Cypress Woods in Finals next weekend.
  5. If you're talking about adjudication panels or UIL, I didn't really take those into account. But if you're talking about previous contests, Cedar Park has consistently overtaken Rouse since the Austin Regional. Most recently with the Waco regional with a caption sweep over them and a two point lead just one week before SA, and also at the TMC in early October. Bowie placed 9th/10th at Austin, and placed two points below Rouse at the TMC finals. At Waco they came in 3rd behind Rouse as well, with CP about three points ahead. They still have potential to make SA finals for sure, but I think both Rouse and Cedar Park have shown they have a better chance. It's a Grand Nationals year for Round Rock. They will want to be safely in finals here if they want to make finals at GN, and knowing how they tend to peak later in their season, I believe they have a good chance to be in finals compared to other recent years they were not.
  6. I haven't been following this season as closely as others in the past, but judging how Coppell beat Blue Springs and Keller already this year, I think there is higher probability of them making finals than not. Rouse is a wildcard, but I'm less sure on them making it then other bands. Early season results boded very well for them with them in the top 3 at Austin (!), but that was September. Since then they most recently came 2nd to Cedar Park and even 6th at the TMC. Cedar Ridge is having a great year. The finish over Leander at Austin, and two points over Pearland bodes well for them. With that being said, for finalists this year: "Locks" Vandegrift Claudia Taylor Johnson Ronald Reagan The Woodlands Hebron Mid Tier, should make finals Vista Ridge Cedar Ridge Leander Marcus Finalist Bubble, Upper Coppell Cedar Park Finalist Bubble Round Rock Rouse Pearland Keller Seven Lakes James Bowie I could go deeper into it, but I don't think it will be quite as crazy as other recent years to break into finals. (With Flower Mound, L.D. Bell, other bubble bands, and no out of state bands like Avon in 2017) Grand Nationals this year on the other hand looks to be more close, though.
  7. Can confirm this. I don't remember how detailed the information was, but we were told some information by our Director.
  8. The Vandegrift Viper Band. Grand National Champion. Right in my own backyard. It's surreal. What a night for those kids.
  9. I watched finals together with my folks, and that was one heck of a finals. Every single one of the Texas bands were legendary. Vandegrift put on a clinic of pure cleanliness, Hebron melted me way with their sound and the difficulty of their music. Leander was so much fun to watch, probably my favorite show tonight. CTJ's visual performance was stunning and their energy was contagious; The Woodlands really sold the character of their show, and I loved them. Round Rock performed the heck out of their show and I'm so proud of them for pushing as hard as they did. Thanks for such wonderful shows tonight, and for representing TX at a level that no other state can claim to do at GN!
  10. Finals is a completely new ball game. A blank slate. And particularly with Grand National Finals, you just leave it all on that field. Good Luck to those performing, and have fun!!!!!!!
  11. The first half of finals in performance order is the second half of semi's scoring bands, or 7-12. Second half is 1-6.
  12. 6 for 6 on Team Texas, and 12 for 12 on those predictions. So happy for all the bands tonight!!!
  13. BOA Grand National Championships 2019 Semi-Finals Results Class 4A Music - Vandegrift Visual - Vandegrift General Effect - Vandegrift Placement: 1. Vandegrift 2. Avon 3. Hebron --------------- Class 3A Music - Leander Visual - Leander General Effect - Leander Placement: 1. Leander 2. James Madison 3. Milford --------------- Class 2A Music - Marian Catholic Visual - Marian Catholic General Effect - Marian Catholic Placement: 1. Marian Catholic 2. North Hardin 3. Miamisburg --------------- Class 1A Music - Bourbon County Visual - Bourbon County & Beachwood General Effect - Bourbon County Placement 1. Bourbon County 2. Estill County 3. Beachwood ------ FINALISTS (Random Order) 1. THE WOODLANDS 2. WILLIAM MASON 3. VANDEGRIFT 4. CARMEL 5. CLAUDIA TAYLOR JOHNSON 6. ROUND ROCK 7. HEBRON 8. AVON 9. UNION 10. LEANDER 11. HOMESTEAD 12. AYALA ------------------------------------------------------
  14. My I-don't-know-anymore predictions for Semi Finals 1. Vandegrift 2. Avon 3. Hebron 4. Leander 5. Carmel 6. William Mason 7. The Woodlands 8. Claudia Taylor Johnson 9. Round Rock --- 10. Ayala 11. Homestead 12. Union 13. Harrison 14. Park Vista 15. Lawrence Township
  15. CTJ looked like they had so much fun. They've always been a favorite of mine with pushing innovation, and this run was another solid case of that.
  16. I'm not sure what it was, but Hebron's run really resonated with me today. Love that show. Musically melting, as always.
  17. Leander's run was so much more effective today than in prelims. Great job today!
  18. Way to go Round Rock!!! That was so much improved from last night! I'd be stunned if they are not in finals tonight with that run. That was amazing!
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