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  1. If anyone knows when the prelims and finals recaps come out, that would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Yeah definitely lmao. I'm a Bowie alumni, they don't mess around when it comes to copyright and licesnsing.
  3. Well it's a possibility that 5 of those 6 bands could join the other 7 because there's actually 12 finalists this year.
  4. That's literally not what he said, she can express her opinion however she wants, but she's not immune to criticism of how her opinion came across. Get over yourself lol
  5. Does anyone happen to have the finals scores for BOA Grand Nats from 1976 - 1985? I can't seem to find them anywhere.
  6. What an amazing season. I'm glad I got to share it with everyone; makes me proud to be a BOA Alumni, a Texas band fan, and musician. See y'all next year!
  7. Marian Catholic's show was literally their 2000 championship show. But I liked that show, so I'll let it slide
  8. C. T. J. What a way to open up #TeamTexas. And on a Thursday night! Looking forward to the rest of the Texas Takeover!
  9. Most likely: Reagan- Every 4 Years since 2012 Flower Mound- Every 3 years since 2014 Vista Ridge- 1st timer Unknown: LD Bell- Last GN apperance: 2013 Cedar Ridge- Last GN apperance: 2013 Not likely: Spring- Every 9 years since 1993 Keller, SFA - See Above Coppell, Pearland, Hendrickson, Westwood, and Westlake (Austin, TX) all have yet to make their first appearance at Grand Nats.
  10. I think Carmel, Avon, Homestead, Vandegrift, Leander, Hebron, CTJ, The Woodlands, and Round Rock will all solidly be in finals. After that, the last 3 spots are up in the air. I would've had William Mason in as a lock, as they were a finalist last year, but they haven't participated in BOA at all this year. I do think they have a higher chance of making it in than the others I'm about to list: Big ol' bubble for the last 3- William Mason Union Fishers Ayala Lawrence Township Center Grove Marian Catholic North Hardin Centerville Park Vista Harrison
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