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  1. I really feel for the kids from Dawson and Dickinson especially, having a tiebreaker keep them from state - that’s heartbreaking. Our band missed state by 3 ordinal points in 2018, and that was bad enough. I’m not going to say I agree with all the placements, but I’m not a trained judge, either - I figure they catch things that I don’t. This isn’t the first time that judging seemed strange and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Regardless, as a parent of a kid in a program in Area E that did make state and is not on your list of who should be going, this post is pretty insulting. We’ve been on the other side and our kids are taught to be gracious regardless, and honestly, that’s all you can do. I just would like people to remember that all the kids are working hard and doing their best and the judging, right or wrong, isn’t their fault, and posts like this can be unnecessarily hurtful.
  2. I know what was announced at awards that day (I believe there are more results, but I don't know those): AAAA Outstanding Percussion - Sealy Outstanding Soloist - Hargrave (snare) Outstanding Drum Major - Bellville Outstanding Color Guard - Bellville 1st place - Hargrave Runner-up - Bellville AAAAA Outstanding Percussion - Brenham Outstanding Soloist - Lamar Consolidated (flugelhorn) Outstanding Drum Major - Elkins Outstanding Color Guard - Brenham 1st place - Brenham Runner-up - Elkins AAAAAA Outstanding Percussion - Clear Brook Outstanding Soloist - Clear Brook (flute) Outstanding Drum Major - Clear Brook Outstanding Color Guard - Clear Brook 1st place - Clear Brook Runner-up - Manvel
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