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  1. I'll be performing in San Antonio, ya can message me if you're interested in saying hey there, or if you're curious where.
  2. I’ve performed at the ford center. It’s nice acoustically but the seating situation there is not able to support a marching contest. You have to remember it is a practice field, not designed for events like that.
  3. I’ve heard rumors of one school thinking about attending around school here that no one has mentioned yet.
  4. they accept or deny the invitation before it’s announced would be my guess so that doesn’t happen.
  5. I had the privilege to see these marines live from the sideline this year and boy does this video not give them any justice. If you ever have a chance to see the Marine Drum and Bugle Corps you need to take that opportunity.
  6. i think woodlands is probably gonna be around 6-7. I’m not a judge for a reason though. They see things I don’t on a live stream.
  7. I think BA’s sound issues may drop them a place or two with how stacked this top 5 is.
  8. I think my three medals right now are Carmel, Marcus, and Flower Mound, I just don’t know what order. They all looked amazing this weekend
  9. I was very surprised by Marcus. Could we see them do what Carmel did last year and be a surprise winner?
  10. Marcus seemed much stronger than San Antonio, I could see them as a dark horse for a medal or even the eagle given the right performance and circumstances. There are so many amazing groups so far I really don’t know how it’ll turn out.
  11. happened last year as well I believe, Argyle with the lower ordinal and North Lamar had the rule take effect to win.
  12. jf you’re anything like me (music major) your last marching season is never done, and you’ll likely be a band parent one day as well, and drum corps is always a possibility along with college band. Just because you’re not performing doesn’t mean it’s over
  13. fun fact, my drum corps audition camp is at your high school
  14. in years past didn’t they advance both bands? Like with azle and Boswell in area a 2013?
  15. that’s what I’m basing off of, they’re consistently at the top, more so than any other group over the past 10 years.
  16. yes in my opinion I think they’re consistently the highest group up there for brass.
  17. Right now after seeing Avon I think this is a competition for second place, that show has such a high ceiling and knowing Avon, they will clean it up very well by San Antonio, not to mention the fact they have the best brass section in the country along with being one of if not the best visual band n the country.
  18. you also know you can edit posts right? You don’t have to go triple post on here as well as the MFA forums the exact same thing.
  19. you do realize that you can’t compare scores from event to event like that right? Plus I doubt any of the judges knew or cared what was being scored in Indy.
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