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  1. Hebron can win music fro sure at Nationals, they are not to bad visually but Avon will press the GE.
  2. Hebrons show is amazing the musical selection just flows so smoothly, i would have loved to march that.
  3. ya'll can come for me but a show without a ballad isn't a show at all.
  4. The bigger group you have the better chance of making finals, these bands are enormous.
  5. This is to much....the power! These Bands are causing my hearing to go ...
  6. Here we go! Everyone in my family but me graduated from Round Rock!
  7. I will say it again...Keller's Woodwind's as a fellow sax player! I love those runs!
  8. Bowie was amazing to see live! One of my favorite groups..wow!
  9. What I love is that bands that didn't make finals will come back next year with killer shows and ready for a fight. It just makes it more exciting!
  10. I will say Round Rock had a great prelims run they deserved a finals spot. CR changed their show alot, which hurt them. For example in the ballad they removed the alot of playing and put visual instead. That made no sense to me, but hopefully they will learn from the experience.
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