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  1. Ummm just my 2 cent here. I'm surprised and I am quite glad that some of you guys are having great experiences at the football games. I guess a lot of it depends on how small your school is and how tight knit the football and band programs are. In all honestly, I think the bands are there just so they can practice their show (at least that's how it is for us). That's our first priority. We don't help our football team win games, and we don't really do anything either if our team is losing badly, lol. That's why our directors only want us to cheer and play more in the second half and a lot less
  2. Hey guys!! Happy 4th of July!! Now to the real stuff. Do all of your band programs place marching band and concert band together in a package? I heard that some bands allow their students to choose, or there are exceptions for students, but I've only heard that from some of the friends I met from 2 other schools not particularly close to my area, so I would like to get any input from you guys! Basically, is it possible at your schools to do only concert band but not marching band? (btw, I'm in the Austin area) I absolutely love music and playing my instrument but I'm facing a pretty big dilem
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