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  1. Well said LHSax....how much more fun can it get than to know that ANY of these bands can beat the other at any time YET have such different shows? Sure it will come down to some subjectivity at the end of the day and I would HATE to have to judge them head to head. I simply couldn't do it...they are all just too good. This is good ol' fashioned rivalry stuff in a music format!
  2. Thanks for the clarification JeremiahW...BUT this still is hard to follow or understand. I could argue that Leander should be ahead of Vandegrift but the facts you state are true. Though Leander tied Vandy at UIL and Vandy won the tie break -.even though Leander's show is much more of a BOA show than a UIL (which Vandy's is) But hey, I like it in the fact that it gets us all talking. It's just a prediction haha...and that's the fun of it all! It's just hard to believe that Hornrank has Leander ranked ahead of the prediction which is odd. Seems like they would follow each other. Kind of like in football, if the number 3 team is playing the number 7 team, it's almost unheard of that the number 7 team would be favored to win. At end of day - March the show and let's all have some fun and enjoy these incredible programs. I'll be cheering for Leander (obviously) haha.
  3. Ok, I have to weigh in on this. Since when did parity become the goal? This is a volunteer extracurricular activity with much more to do with the broader education of a student than a great band show. What you do with what you have is the real objective here. The fact is, certain programs, communities, districts etc. have more money and/or are willing to spend more money fine arts. I've seen some incredible band shows with very little money investment and I've seen huge schools who put vast amounts of resources for a very mediocre result. This is the arts...if they want go karts then they should have go karts. This is supposed to be about continual evolution (which is why so many people have issues with the UIL system). I can say with certainty that I see no program that does it the way I did it many years ago.....and you know what?? GOOD! It was great for the time and it keeps on evolving. I find it particularly enjoyable just to see what kind of things people can come up with artistically when there AREN'T limitations. UIL and BOA both have a huge responsibility and do a fantastic job at setting a level playing field. Now, what can you do with that - that's where the fun starts.
  4. To add to this discussion, it takes all of the above; just like any company, organization, athletic team etc. You have to have talent and coaches/directors who understand how to build that talent. You then have to have a staff that knows how to use that talent in the best possible way. Lastly, you then have to bring creativity and innovation which provides the excitement and carrot to push the envelope. Virtually every program out there has some great students yet fall below expectations for the entire band. Likewise, there are many football teams that have talented individuals that under perform as a team. The vision, management and clarity in what you're trying to achieve is the formula for most all organizational success. If any one piece is missing, it is very difficult to perform at a high level - regardless of the organization. As was stated below it is leadership. In schools it starts at the district level and down from there. It is no accident that the two Texas LISD's (Leander and Lewisville) have multiple powerhouse band programs within the same district while other far richer districts do not field bands like that. Point to ponder....what would an all LISD competition look like right now - all of the Leander schools and all of the Lewisville schools going head to head. We basically have that at BOA SA this year but wouldn't that be an exciting head to head competition!!!!!
  5. I can't disagree with either of those last two predictions. I think Area competitions will definitely be the strong indicator for BOA SA since that will be the first time everyone's shows are completed. I can't say it enough that Texas will be well represented at GN this year with all of these programs. BOA SA and UIL 6A State may be the most high level competitions in the country overall this year. I can't remember when so many programs were all performing at such a high level....and also so early...making for some well honed performances late in the year. Has anyone figured out why Austin Bowie isn't at BOA SA this year? Is it just due to budgets and so many contests that week?
  6. What a great history of Texas' influence on the National scene. I too wish BOA would move GN around so that other regional bands can compete on a national level, however, the Super Regionals do a good job providing that. Overall I think BOA does a great job offering venues and competitions that continues to push programs and innovations in the Marching Band World. That said, I think this year Texas will be represented exceptionally well. With the two LISD schools, CTJ, Reagan and Bowie all performing at an extremely high level, they could all very well make the top 7-8. And what's more exciting is how different all of these schools are in terms of identity, sound and design. What a great year to see them all go head to head on a national scene. Likewise, they all face each other at BOA SA too as a bit of a preview. My personal pick is Leander and Reagan make top 3. Their innovations in design and music will carry them both. This is in no way a slight to the others because CTJ is probably the most unique of all of them and at the end of the day, ANY of these programs could make top 3 if not win the whole thing.
  7. Now That the 6A LISD schools are out of Area D and will face off with new competition, anyone have predictions? Because of Leander's early BOA showing with the other LISD schools, and doing UIL Region, Area, State (probably) as well as BOA SA and BOA GN, no one has seen their full show nor seen them at all since Sept.
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