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  1. My opinion is longterm on a larger scale the impact won’t be hugely significant if the activities return to normal next fall and the finances are still breathing. I can see most competions and groups bouncing back with force and gusto, passion and excitement for what was missed this year. Clearly, the financial impact is going to be significant, however, and as the millions of people out of work/furloughed etc- this will have an impact that trickles to all kinds of activities dependent on social gathering- obviously marching arts aren’t excluded. However, I think the impact on specific
  2. Absolutely! The truth is strong MS programs, minimal attrition of students, and retention of staff are the major contributing factors to success. Money opens doors for sure in terms of design, but it surely won’t make the kids more attentive during rehearsal or mean directors will be more effective and efficient with use of their 8 hours or inspire parents and kids to buy into 7 years of band. District support at all levels, and minimal competing programs (not having orchestra class in 4th grade competing with band for students for example) are also factors. I think money is fundraised by succ
  3. I really don’t care for narration on the field or in winter drumline. Sometimes it’s ok with winter guard, maybe because it’s so much more dancing involved. But even then, it is usually overused and is a distraction. There have been a couple of instances when narration made a perfect point in a small dose. More often than not, however, it’s used to replace what the designer didn’t create an overall effect with and gets in the way of the performance and the performers. Just my 2cents.
  4. LOVE IT!! How awesome is that, just imagine him in 10 years!
  5. I think this is solid based on the season so far. I think Rouse and CP medal, and not sure who on top. I don’t think show style is as important as years past, but performance is and both of those groups do it well. The rest of the lineup order is up for grabs imo, the groups are all somewhat close in skill, difficulty and have different strong points. Performance time might be a factor, might not. Will be interesting to see how it plays out and what the kids do with their 8 minutes!
  6. If you mean do those bands have front ensemble- no they don’t. This is pretty typical of the bigger schools, but not a hard rule. Not sure what they’re like as far as being in them.
  7. I would really like to see Roma in finals this year!
  8. Yes, just to name a few in Texas would be UNT, UTSA, UTA (no FB team), Texas State, UTEP, TCU (I think). There are options (more than those for sure) if he wants marching band pit.
  9. Prior. BOA limits the number of people who are allowed on the field for pit/props prior to performing. BOA also provides limited number of passes that can be used for your chaperones, drivers (dads carrying podiums or whatever). But the number of people who can enter the field to help is limited,. They have to clear the field for performance, so this is strictly getting equipment on and then off through the endzone. This is different than UIL, where the number of people helping is basically whatever you need and time is stopped after exiting the field, which can be just getting onto the track
  10. Yes parents can help. However, your band will receive a limited number of passes, I can’t recall that number. Additionally, I think a maximum of 18?? non-performers are allowed on the field, but I could be wrong. Someone correct that if it’s wrong. Passes will be given to the director, and distribution is however your organization needs them. So if you need 15 parents for pit crew/props, those are subtracted from the total passes provided by BOA. In the past we have actually tried to double up with chaperones, so a few chaperones might carry microphones or help push a synth cart, just to make
  11. Friendswood is great. They have a history of doing very well at state. Did they miss 2017?
  12. Of course Rouse can win. So can many other groups. Nothing is impossible and I love that Vista reminded us of that. Be teachable. Take criticism and move on. Practice like you’ve never won. Perform like you’ve never lost. Do it every time. If you want to win, make every rep count. My kid performs every rep like it is a state championship. I’m not exaggerating this, she really does. It doesn’t matter what the other team is doing. It only matters what you do and what you leave on the field. And that everyone else in your group does the same to the best of their ability. If they aren’t, take
  13. I’m speechless about one judge and RR uniforms. I’m not sure what to say, there are plenty of unconventional uniforms on the field and RR has some of the most traditional looking uniforms on the field that look amazing and are absolutely appropriate for viewing marching. I don’t have a kid at RR but I talk a lot to RR parents. They’re always gracious and talkative-heck I’ve done the full Go Rock Band chant with them just because why not? We always end up talking uniforms because RR has one of the most recognizable designs. If UIL is the great equalizer it’s up to that judge to judge marching i
  14. Blue Springs is even better in person. Peels your face off in the right places and makes you swoon in the others. Really, those kids nail it in every way. I will not be surprised to see them very high placed tonight.
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