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  1. First of all, let me just say that as an almost 20 year Reagan vet, I still thought Vandegrift should’ve won. Super happy but man... I personally think grand mats will come down to a Hebron, Avon and Vandegrift. Leander and CTJ still have a shot, I just don’t know if Leander has much more to clean and or add to keep up with the cleaning Hebron will do. Also, Hebron was almost half a point ahead of Leander in music and visual, but was almost a point behind in GE, so that was crazy to see. Vandegrift is my favorite, but we don’t know how Avon will match up. Hebron has a chance because they are within shooting distance and like someone mentioned, still had the most cleaning work to do. They have arguably the hardest music of anyone this year, and a lot of cleaning musically and visually to do, so they might be able to catch Vandegrift. Leander may still surprise people, but I think they may just fall barely behind my top 3. CTJ has a very cool show, it just doesn’t really match the flow and GE (crazy for me to say since their show has Lennon and lion king) to me. Here’s my ranges and predictions: Vandegrift: 1-3rd, Capable of winning any of the three captions Avon: 1-4, visual or GE Hebron: 1-4, music or visual (surprising BOA SA scores) Leander: 2-4, Visual or GE CTJ: 3-6, Visual Carmel: 4-6, GE
  2. If I could combine Hebron's 2017 opener, 2015 ballad, and 2016 closer into one show, I would be set for life. I would do the same for flomo, but the Surreal show just is unmatched...
  3. To me it always seems like Hebron is a late bloomer, especially since it didn't seem like they played much of their show? That might just be me and I've never been able to figure out if that has an effect on Hebron's scores in comparison to the more complete shows, but maybe it could be? I'm in agreement with a lot of people, it didn't at all seem to me like there was a big difference between Flomo and Hebron except for the prop mishap in the opener or whatever that was. I'm obviously not a judge, but I at least have been around marching band for long enough to know that an almost 2.5 point gap between these two is hard to justify in my opinion. Flomo's GE is out the wazoo like always and visually they're a little ahead of Hebron, but I just always find myself believing that Hebron plays some of the hardest music of anyone in the country and plays it STUPID well. With all things being said, congrats to flomo, they deserved it, I was super happy to see how great Marcus is, I'm glad they're still super strong. The Marcus 2012 show is still the most dominant and amazing show I have ever seen.
  4. Quite honestly, sometimes this is even harder than playing in tune. Purposeful dissonance is definitely not easy. I'm glad someone pointed this out, I wasn't able to figure that out on my own, but I'm also not a judge so what do I know.
  5. I honestly don’t think this is a power shift to Austin but I do find this to be a good point. I think Austin is gaining a ton more depth, and the entire state as a whole is gaining depth. Yes, quite obviously they did much better in placements in the state cycle this year, but BOA was a completely mixed hand bag of good schools. To clarify, I think that now it’s no longer as clear as which LISD school is going to win and which Houston school is going to win, it’s more of just a giant mosh pit of amazing bands that anyone has a chance to make it their year.
  6. Anyone know when the last time a non-Lewisville ISD school won State was? Aka when was the first time Marcus won? 2004?
  7. One thing I've realized is that this retreat is going to be incredibly exciting. I know that they only announce medalists at state competitions, and considering how close we all believe the top 5 or 6 to be, that means after bronze and silver have been announced, we have no idea who the winner will be. It could be anyone! I'm really excited for the next 30 minutes!
  8. The more the merrier! I love all ideas that involve more judges and possibly eliminating the highs and lows. Anything to get rid of the inconsistencies! Also, to those who are having difficulties with the stream, mine is working, if that gives you any hope.
  9. RR got robbed, to say the least. It’s really hard to see a relatively consistent line and then one outlier like that. It’s crazy hard to judge an entire day of bands, but that just shows to me that there’s a bit of a fundamental difference in judging philosophy between judges. Also, my reaction to the results between the finalists is to completely ignore them! Just like BOA, prelims never is an exact picture of finals. If you want a fun pass of time, go look at 6A state results from the past three cycles (I believe it was 5A in 2012). CTJ made a huge jump to 3rd from 7th in 2014. Hebron jumped both in 2012 and 2014. FloMo took 3rd in prelims in 2014 and then dropped to 9th in finals. These scores to me are very unreliable for the most part and ultimately I believe needs a change. I don’t know what that change should be (possibly adding another music and another visual judge and dropping the highest and lowest scores), but the fact that one judge can completely change the fate of a band is kind of unnerving to me.
  10. Hebron's staple has always been "March and Play". Hardest music I've ever heard, and they're marching to it. Astounding.
  11. Vandegrift has always astounded me with their brass power and ability. And their percussion is absolutely incredible! My favorite to win their division in the Lonestar Drumline competition next weekend!
  12. I am going to completely ignore the BOA SA results when going into this coming Monday and Tuesday. If you look at the history of results, BOA almost never mirrors UIL. Yes, I’m recent history, 2012 and 2016 picked the same winners for both competitions. But the results outside of that were VASTLY different. There are bands that just have UIL figured out (pretty much all of the LISD bands) and bands that have BOA figured out, and to me I don’t think we will see much deviance from most state years. I think the top two will be FloMo and Hebron, I think Reagan, Candegrift, CTJ and Marcus will be fighting it out for third, and who knows that the rest of finals will look like. There are so many bands that honestly could sneak into that top half like Keller but I honestly have no idea what I believe after that.
  13. Has anyone thought about how much different BOA would be if GE wasn't so much of the score? As it stands I believe that Visual is 20%, Music is 20%, and GE is 60%. I know for a fact that GE has an achievement and quality aspect to the scoring, but what if the three captions were evenly split in weight of score? Just food for thought. I know I've been a part of and heard many conversations about this on this forum, but FloMo beating Hebron without winning a caption makes me really wonder 1) how off was the two-day system panel judging and 2) how close was GE for those top bands?
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