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  1. Don't think of it as not having a "good voice". Your voice is a musical instrument, just like any other, and unless it is somehow damaged, you just need to learn how to "play" it. The best way to learn proper singing technique is through voice lessons. You can also find a lot of vocal tutorials on YouTube. Granted, just like in with any other musical instrument, some people are going to be more naturally talented than others. But proper technique and practice count a lot more than innate talent.
  2. I'm just hoping that my daughter gets to have some semblance of the college marching band experience this fall during her freshman year at Stephen F. Austin. My son had already decided to not be in the Texas Tech Goin' Band this coming fall before all the COVID-19 mess hit. I'm really glad he still has two more years left before having to find his first band director job. I'd hate for him to be looking for a job right now.
  3. I believe that is Region-specific, but the numbers that advance from Area to All-state is set by TMEA, and varies by Area. It is based on the historical number of participants by instrument in each Area.
  4. At Texas Tech (where my son is a Music Ed major), there are four concert bands, with band placement by open audition. Non-music majors are welcome to audition. The four bands are Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, and University Band. The University band is generally made up of non majors. It is less demanding in terms of rehearsal and performance time commitment. At lot of marching band members do University Band in the spring semester. The other three concert bands are almost exclusively music majors because 1) the music majors place higher in the blind auditions and 2) non majors, even when they have the chops to make a higher band, don't have the time to commit to it. My son is in the Symphonic Wind Ensemble. It is a 1 hour credit class, but they rehearse 6 hours per week, have at least 3 performances each semester (with at least 1 hour of music programmed), and are expected to practice individually several hours per week. My daughter will be attending Stephen F Austin this fall (not majoring in music). She is planning to be in the Lumberjack Marching Band in the fall, and the SFE equivalent of Tech's University Band in the spring.
  5. The Allen High School Symphony Orchestra has been invited to perform (announced last Thursday).
  6. Region 24 (McKinney, McKinney Boyd, and Little Elm) are not in the proposed 6A Area C. They are in the proposed 6A Area B: Region 5 Arlington ISD (Arlington, Bowie, Sam Houston, Lamar, Martin) Grand Prairie ISD (South GP, GP) Mansfield ISD (Mansfield, Lake Ridge) Cedar Hill Fort Worth Pascal Region 20 Duncanville Dallas ISD (Skyline, Booker T Washington) DeSoto Richardson ISD (Richardson, Berkner, Pearce, Lake Highlands) Waxahachie Region 24 McKinney McKinney Boyd Little Elm Region 30 Keller ISD (Keller, Timber Creek, Central, Fossil Ridge) North Crowley Weatherford Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD (Boswell, Chisholm Trail Region 31 Coppell HEB ISD (Trinity, LD Bell) Irving ISD (Irving, McArthur, Nimitz) Southlake Carroll Haltom
  7. TMEA will have to change that. UIL shows Lumberton in 4A. When the original cutoff numbers were released last November, Lumberton was going to move up to 5A, but then the cutoff numbers got adjusted after some other school population numbers (McAllen ISD) got adjusted down.
  8. In region 25, they have a separate 9th grade All-Region band. Since Region participation is so high, they set this up so that more 9th graders have a chance to experience the region clinic and concert. 9th graders can also audition for regular high school All-Region, which happens a few weeks later. If they make 9th grade AR band, then make High School AR, they give up their chair in the 9th grade band, and everyone else moves up a chair. Typically, 9th graders who initially make top chair placements in the 9th AR band end up making it into High School AR.
  9. The way I understand it, it's All Region auditions that lead to Area auditions that count. For the regions with separate 9th grade All-Region auditions, those numbers won't count. If a 9th grader in that region auditions for high school All-Region also, then they would count.
  10. With UIL realignment, it looks like TMEA is realigning music regions/areas. https://www.tmea.org/divisionsregions-mm/regions-mm/region-alignment-mm/region-alignment-map-2022 The first big change I noticed was Plano ISD and Prosper ISD are moving out of Region 24/Area B into Region 25/Area C. McKinney ISD is moving out of Region 25/Area C to Region 24/Area B. Looking at their guidelines, it appears TMEA will realign regions every 2 years based on All-State audition participation (number of students auditioning for All-Region that could lead to All-State, meaning, I believe, middle school and 9th grade audition numbers aren't considered). It's a proposed alignment right now. It will be finalized later this year.
  11. Yep. The UIL broke with their precedent of always maxing out 6A at 250 schools plus opt ups. They originally had it at 248, which conveniently kept Highland Park out of 6A. Then when the McAllen schools were corrected, they set 6A to 245, again seemingly to keep HP out of 6A.
  12. Correct. TMEA sets the region & area maps for band, using somewhat different criteria than UIL uses for district/region maps. TMEA looks to create regions with a good balance of historical participation in All-Region while being geographically logical and having enough schools of any particular classification to keep contests relevant. There may be some slight adjustments made if a school moving up or down a classification throws a region out of balance, but I doubt very many, if any, changes will be made. Also, I don't believe TMEA ever splits a multi high school district across multiple music regions. The UIL does split school districts across two UIL athletic districts when the numbers make sense (the Cy-Fair ISD, for example, has schools if two UIL districts in two different regions). TMEA will rebalance their music regions when the All-State participation numbers change enough to warrant it.
  13. Great story from Allen: High schooler with vision impairment marches with Allen band
  14. That video was shot from where all the parents were sitting in the grandstands, about halfway down the parade route. They reached us about an hour after they started. This video ( ) is of the NBC coverage.
  15. Allen has marched in the Rose Parade twice, in 2008 and 2016 (my son's Junior year). I'll post a link to footage from 2016 later. The NBC coverage with Al Roker was pretty funny.
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