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  1. Blow more air but don't let your lips lose form. If you lose control bad things happen
  2. Um this website is in German.... I don't think that's the mute website I can't understand it though....
  3. some of our trumpets played it this year and they got a 2 but I thought they were good.... It's a wicked awesome ensemble if you can handle it
  4. So was I breaking the eight hour rule when my freshmen despritly needed help learing how to march and I stayed after school to help him? It was just two out of 6 so it wasn't really a sectional it was an individaul one on one thing... And do swingstionals count? We stayed after to practice tuba swings can they penalize us for that? It had absolutly nothing to do with our marching show.... I don't think pushups are really necessary. My band used to do them but then the band revolted and just refused to run laps or do pushups. The directors couldn't kick them all out so they relented. Since we are doing band for the love of it we usually behave and those who don't get publicly embarassed not physically tortured...
  5. May the force be with you Yeah I got most of my camp payed for last year cause the band got a huge donation completly randomly
  6. Larghetto and Allegro (solo) I went and I got so nervous and screwed up and I got a 3
  7. The Incredibles Aremenian Dances Anything John Williams wrote cause he's amazing!!!
  8. My freshmen year I couldn't go cause my bro was in the hospital and this year I worked reallly really hard and didn't make it cause I freaked during auditions it was so bad my freshmen beat me I was so depressed....Then I got a 3 at S&E!!! Could anything worse happen? Yes my freshmen got a one on his and I'm first chair how does that work?
  9. I think they're like a hundered or more? But you can get a $15 mute from your local H&H it's just a standard straight mute my brother has one they seem to work fine but there's no headphones and they're not completly silent...
  10. Hey another tuba!! Shweet!!
  11. Cool I love tubas So there's two of us holding down the fort? Geewhiz!!
  12. There still going on over here today my friend turned to me in chem and he said Chuck Norris jumped in a lake but he didn't get wet the lake got Chuck Norrised
  13. But I think tuba is so much sweeter This morning my ear was clogged
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