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  1. Richland will be returning to 5A which for football will be great, at the last realignment we where over the 5A cutoff due to a reporting error by just a few but sorry charlie we had to stay in 6A. Looking forward to 5A state in 2021.
  2. Richland also went over the 6A cut off due to an error in counting, and it has been difficult having in football but hoping we can drop back to 5A this coming time. Band has not been as difficult since we have always performed well in our AAA classification and against AAAA schools and we anticipate our numbers growing this next year.
  3. Happy to see a band from Oklahoma, Welcome to BISD contest. This list is wonderful to see, high caliber program mixed with program looking to improve. Weather is always a concern so hopefully all will be fine.
  4. Thank you Funguy02 for the shout out, we do love our bands in BISD. We will not be competing in any events this year, but we always look forward to the Richland/Haltom game and the bands. Richland has a wonderful show this year and its coming together quickly for a very young band. Good luck to all the bands at Mansfield Preview 2019, stay safe and drink plenty of WATER.
  5. Great job by Birdville. BISD schools usually sneak up On folks maybe due to unfamiliarity , good luck for Their UIL journey this season
  6. Tough performance time for Birdville. Ive got to support BISD and hope Birdville has a good showing. They have had a few rough years but I still believe they can perform at a high standard. Good luck Hawks!
  7. In 2007 my oldest started My Journey into marching band. Richland was in its hey day and I started by volunteering filling the water jugs and transporting to events along with my youngest boy who would join the band in 2010. That was last year Richland attended BOA Gran Nationals with a top 10 finish in finals with Grand Champion L.D. Bell attending that year. That was the start of my love for volunteering for the Rebel band. I served as VP of Equipment for the booster club and in 2010 we purchased a 53 ft. trailer we call Big Blue. I obtained my Class A CDL so I could help drive the truck that pulls our trailer and this year 2019 I am gearing up again to drive for the Rebel band. I got to see both my boys march in the 2011 Rose Bowel Parade in Pasadena (Didn't get drive BB due to an accident) but watchin my oldest (Senor/ Drum Major) and youngest (Freshman) was one of the greatest moments in all the memories of band. Seeing my oldest perform at Gran Nationals was my second. Though I no longer have any kids in band I feel all the kids each year in band our mine. I love volunteering because its a Heart Thing but when I pull in into an event with Big Blue I feel a pride and know that Richland High Rebel band is a recognized program. One of my traditions is to always come out on first day of band camp and talk with the directors, see the new freshman and congratulate the new drum majors. I don't if this makes me a nerd but I do enjoy this time of year and hope to continue until I cant do it any more or as I tell the directors it becomes a job ( I already have a full time job) and I don't enjoy it.
  8. Thank you for the Richland reference, Richland Band is a proud tradition and though it may not be in the upper tier 6A bands the name Richland still enjoys respect among bands. Gradually they are attempting to improve on our sound and look since we do not march as many kids as in the past, but the directors recognized we couldn't keep going in the same direction and be successful of Richland standards. looking forward to Houston and did enjoy the two years we attended the Lone Star Preview contest with successful results.
  9. Richland will be attending, changes for this band will be interesting but directors said we would be attending a couple of BOA events other than a Super-Regional.
  10. Its was Haltoms year, and by the way I love how the BISD school bands support each other. The Haltom band gave us (Richland) and wonderful acknowledgement and last Monday and Region they waited for us to perform and again cheered us on. Thank you Haltom and Birdville for the great support for each other. Good luck in the playoffs and in Area today. Go BISD!!
  11. With the band dealing with its obstacles and putting on a great show I admire these kids. Awesome performance Richland, you did Texas proud! On to finals!
  12. We did have to load yesterday in the rain, but the Big Blue Crew came through as always.
  13. Unfortunately I was not able to drive for Indy (My actual Job in the way) and I'm bummed cause its been awhile since I have not gone on the road trips but wish the bands all the best and safe travel. Go Rebels!
  14. Richland will be in finals, they have a good show the problem has been practice, performance time. To think leaving the state is good since you will get better weather to practice. But then they have to head back late on Sunday and then perform UIL on Monday. They should be able to score a 1 but hoping for more practice time next week before area. Good luck Trinity and Richland, do Texas proud!
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