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  1. Me! I was there tonight, but I want to relive it again! Thanks in advance haha
  2. Lone Star really impressed me! Had seen them on the stream earlier, but seeing them in person…they’re fantastic!
  3. One of the Haltom band members had said that they personally didn’t like the show because it seemed to be cultural appropriating.
  4. Stole the words right out my mouth. Maybe they were concerned with the size they had this year, and after a covid laden year, so they chose something not as intricate as years’ past. Personal opinion, but I think the Austin bands have overtaken the DFW bands, at least this year haha.
  5. Had seen it this past weekend! Is it just me, or did Marcus look even smaller than when they had taken a hit to their size when Drinkwater had left a few years ago? I do really like their show, though! Also, what are y’all’s thoughts on Flower Mound this year? Not sure how a show like that will do at Nationals. Wish they would’ve gotten a little more creative. Their musicianship is great. I’m sure that’ll taken them far.
  6. Had seen this a few days ago. Here it is, before it gets taken down.
  7. Thanks for the links, guys! I hope Box5TV learns from this and figures out a way to be a little more prepared. Especially for an event like Grand Nationals, which will have much, much more traffic.
  8. Anyone got a link to the youtube Austin live stream?
  9. Yeah I don't see any Austin live stream on YT. Only Clarksville and North Houston.
  10. I purchased the finals portion of the event, but after I paid for it, it prompted me with an error page. Nothing loads. Anyone else having issues?
  11. Gotta say, CTJ's guard keeps getting better and better every year! They look spectacular. Also, The Woodlands guard...sheesh! They're gonna give a great clinic for the rest of TX at BOASA.
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