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  1. A LOT of seconds and thirds though......
  2. As crazy as this is, Hebron has only won a couple of regional competitions. They have never won a "Major" prior to this week.
  3. Do not believe they have ever done an encore. Didn't at SA.
  4. It's amazing how many INCREDIBLY TALENTED band programs there are in Texas!!!!
  5. How about we put all this behind us and focus on the incredible talent and hard work these kids put in every year. Regardless of school, district or state. There are amazing shows being put on everywhere. Lets focus on that. Go marching band everywhere!!!!!!!
  6. All I can say about Hebron is WOW!!!! Another band in the hunt for sure.
  7. OK. Any thoughts on these incredible bands. Hard to choose 5 to move on. Predictions?
  8. How did all the bands do today. Any thoughts? Did anyone really stand out? Predictions? Good luck to all bands!!
  9. Is anyone attending this contest that could share their thoughts about all of these great bands today. Unfortunately I can’t make it out there today. Thx
  10. Hebron is planning on going to GN in 2019 I believe. Can’t speak to Flomo and Marcus. There was talk of a rotational system but it was never “official’”. I think it is more up to each school.
  11. Great post. My only disagreement would be Hebron winning SA on a state year. Historically since 2012 they tend to place 4-7 at SA and 2nd at state on state years. Not bad but always out of the medals on even years. Bands like Johnson and the Woodlands put out a BOA show every year. Bands like Hebron put out 2 types of show. State year shows and non state year shows. I don’t understand, not being a music educator, why two types of shows. If 2017 was a state year they would have placed second at SA and maybe 1st at state. Why not put on that type of show every year? Idk just saying historically I’d be surprised to see Hebron win on a state year. Would love for it to happen but don’t see it happening
  12. Marcus already has multiple regional wins but I agree they will be in the running to win Waco.
  13. I remember watching Duncanville warming up in 2012 before a BOA event and thinking “dang this band is good!!”. They did not participate but were hosting. Every band has a high standard to uphold in north DFW. Duncanville has always risen to the occasion. I am looking forward to seeing their show this year. I am sure it will be incredible.
  14. That is a bummer. I get the 6A bands not going on a state year but there are so many awesome 5A bands out there in Texas. When was the last time no Texas band attended GN? Can’t be often. I have a feeling we may go fro famine to feast in 2019 at GN with regards to Texas bands. One can hope anyway. I think SA may be incredible again this year.....
  15. When was the last time a Texas band has not been in finals at GN?
  16. From a DFW resident I hope The Waco Regional gains some traction. It is in the middle of Houston, San Antonio/Austin, and Dallas. It would be great to see some of these bands go head to head prior to San Antonio. I would drive 21/2 hours to see LISD SOUTH VS LISD NORTH before SA. Woodlands, Johnson, Vandy vs Flomo, Hebron, Marcus. It could be a great Regional if bands are willing to do the 2-3 hour drive. Being such a big state there isn’t enough cross pollination prior to SA. I hope bands from all over sign up.
  17. Where did the LISD north trio end up? They were in area B, which was probably happy to see them go, but what area did they end up in. Bands in that area probably were not that excited to see them join their area with regards to UIL qualifying. I hope it is an area with a large number of bands.
  18. Good job Hornrank. I didn’t think they should have dropped after SA since they didn’t compete but do think they ended up where they should be.
  19. I think the ultra competitiveness at the top in SA is causing the opposite effect. I think we are seeing more of a trend of Texas bands choosing to finish their season at non Texas Super regionals then non Texas bands coming to SA. The chance of making finals and performing twice is better for some really great Texas bands in Atlanta, Indy, St Louis or California. I can only recall 4 or 5 bands making the trip to SA in the last 6 years while Texas has 4-6 bands attend out of state super regionals every year recently. I would love to see more non Texas bands come to SA but I just don’t think it will happen.
  20. As a guy who drove a prop truck from North Dallas to Indy and back I have to say that is a long drive..... Good luck to all bands!!! Be safe and enjoy every minute of it.
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