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  1. I viewed this thread with only mild interest and a healthy dose of skepticism until I reviewed the score sheets from yesterday's 6A Area competitions. Now I'm a firm believer.
  2. ...this from "FloMoParent". Not enough eye rolls in the world for this.
  3. Xenon: "...she wants him to put a RING on it." Hebron 360 --> I see what you did there!
  4. Pack 'em up on the semi and head out, just like any other contest -- just 3 days earlier?
  5. Correction of Announced Bands of America San Antonio Super Regional Scores and Results http://www.musicforall.org/blog/news/correction-of-announced-bands-of-america-san-antonio-super-regional-scores-and-results
  6. WOW... Finals composite scores were REALLY close... Marcus 10, Hebron 12. Any closer and it would have been a tie!
  7. Huh...I watched the video of Hebron's show on the MFA/Mr. Video website and I just realized the first formation they make in the opener is Cinderella's slipper. Pretty cool.
  8. Yes...I was also thinking of The Woodlands, who started strong by winning BOA Conroe last year -- and just kept it up all the way to winning the Eagle. They look strong again this year, too.
  9. Curious to hear y'all's thoughts. Thinking (for example) of Hebron last year, who placed fourth at BOA Conroe, yet went on to win BOA Allen, prelims at BOA San Antonio, and lose to The Woodlands in BOA SA finals by .05 of a point. Is it just a question of more time to master drill/music, or are some directors skilled at making sure their band peaks at the right time?
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