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  1. Second this idea. UIL's website has been terrible for unearthing old results. I imagine we'll have quite a bit of work cut out for us if we want a complete archive, but I'm very interested in contributing what little I know. I agree, I think a good place to begin is simply a Google Drive with folders by-contest. Within each contest we can subdivide further by class, if necessary, then people can upload results or full recap pdfs (images if no pdf's can be found) that they have. If I remember, I'll actually get started on this soon.
  2. Super proud alum of vista ridge. Wasn't really a big fan of the design this year but the level of execution has been nuts, not to mention they're literally writing program history. Congrats all and best of luck in finals!
  3. Go LISD! Haven't really kept up with anyone this season but glad to see everyone still crushing it.
  4. When was the last time a school district in Texas held both top class state titles and the Eagle all at the same time? (I'm guessing never). Leander ISD really is the place to be for marching band right now, wow. Congrats Vandegrift and go LISD band!
  5. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has high(er) quality videos of the following shows - I try to keep an updated archive of videos from my alma mater and I'm missing a few: Vista Ridge 2014 (SA Finals) - This was my senior year, and the very first time vista made SA finals, so it's special to me. For some reason I've lost track of the youtube link I had for it (but it wasn't a very good link anyways). This one is the one I'm mainly looking for Vista Ridge 2016 (State prelims) - The high cam on youtube of SA prelims is a bit too zoomed out, and it's also not their last performance, which was at state prelims Vista Ridge 2017 (SA prelims) - Only run I can find on youtube is the SA sendoff run Vista Ridge 2003-2009 (state finals for 2007, state prelims for 2008, whatever you have for the rest): kind of a shot in the dark, but if you have any videos from the prehistoric past of vista ridge I'd love to see them. I've seen a fuzzy 2007 state finals run, 2008 region run, and 2009 SA prelims run, but something higher quality + the other years would be great. Hi-cam preferred, but I'll definitely take multicam too. PM me if links are "too sensitive", and I'll cross out whatever I've gotten. Thanks in advance!
  6. wow, I wish I could hear some of these tapes. this is like the time a judge exclaimed "holy brass" at our first hit at 2013 Area D finals, but at a whole 'nother level.
  7. Not to mention that the Areas are definitely not evenly balanced with each other (for better or worse). Results at Area have little bearing on state in light of this fact, since the Area champion may be competing with bands at state they haven't even competed with all season. In a weaker area, taking the championship can definitely result in a finish in the middle of state prelims, and that's nothing to be ashamed of.
  8. I wish UIL would announce full placements, it's kind of pointless to have a full retreat for medalists only
  9. Speaking of the announcer, they started the announcement for vista super late for some reason. thankfully it worked out finishing before the first big hit
  10. yup, it was fine for all of the second block thus far then decided to start stuttering for vista ridge
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