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  1. Gang as I have done in the past, I have created a Facebook page dedicated to the 2023 Grand Nationals and the #teamtexas programs that will compete in Indy in November. It is a private page that request that you state the program you support or follow - it does not have to be a program attending. it is just to weed out the scammers that try to get into these group pages and steal your info. as we have done in past years, The Bands of Claudia Taylor Johnson Foundation will be selling hoodies and long/short sleeved t-shirts with our #teamtexas logo and the name of the participating schools on the back. these funds go to support the attending programs as well as the CTJ foundation and their support of the Mr. Holland's Opus Fund and the CTJ Band cluster schools. if you would like to join the group search for "#teamtexas 2023 Grand Nats on Facebook and answer the question of the program you support and we will get you added. the site is intended to allow each program to share their season up to and including their trip to Grand Nats. in the past it has been a great time sharing our kids adventures. we will start sharing the info on the shirts/hoodies in July. they will be done through TMF and products you order will be shipped to your home address anywhere in the U.S. via USPS. Currently I have mostly confirmed that CTJ, TWHS and Keller will be attending Grand Nats - that may increase or decrease as the new UIL State changes are worked out. the Bands of Claudia Taylor Johnson Foundation is proud to support this project as a means to provide financial support of our cluster - check us out on Facebook or our web page at https://www.thebandsofctjfoundation.org/
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