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Santa Clara Vanguard's Music for the 2019 Season

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Santa Clara Vanguard just recently released their show design and the musical works for the 2019 season. I immediately Googled the pieces listed to see what they might be putting on the field and have to say that I was floored by the sheer technical difficulty of the first two works on the list. "Fraternity" by Thierry Deleruyelle and "Audivi Media Nocte" by Oliver Waespi are both European brass band pieces that I have never heard before and are two of the most spectacular works that I have ever heard. I also love the instrumentation of the brass bands that use cornets instead of trumpets, altoniums (alto horns) instead of French horns, and also use flugelhorns. Whatever parts of these pieces that they decide to use are likely to be very effective and also likely to be some of the most challenging music ever fielded by a DCI corps. The third piece listed is "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica which has great potential as a ballad and is hauntingly beautiful. Fourth is original music by Paul & Sandi Rennick which could very interesting as well.


I have links below to examples of the pieces. Please let me know what you think about their choices.





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