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2018 DVD/BluRays DCI Champ Finals??

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Sudoku - A Classic Board Game for Your Android




If you already love the real-life version of Sudoku, why not download this amazing board game on your Android phone and play it anywhere at anytime? 




Known as the most popular game in Japan as well as all over the world, Sudoku is highly praised as the board game that helps us exercise our brain and boost our intelligence. Typically, to play Sudoku, you’ll need a paper with 9 big squares in the ratio of 3x3; in each big square are 9 small squares in the same ratio. And for further information, please go to Game android offline download






Sudoku on Android


As the preparing process is pretty complicated, it often takes a lot of time to draw as well as divide the paper. Another inconvenience is that you also cannot play Sudoku on trains or buses, too. If you’re finding a way to enjoy this board game anywhere and anytime without drawing them by yourselves, check out the Android version of Sudoku.


What is Sudoku?


When mentioning Sudoku, certainly almost everyone knows and used to play this famous board game. But do really know what is the origin of it? For your concerns, Sudoku is a Japanese game derived from a French game in the late 19th century. 


Sudoku on Android


Although nowadays it is popular, not everyone knows that only until 1894 - after the name of Sudoku (which refers to numbers in English) appeared on Monthly Nikolist that it became a hot trend. From 2004 - 2005 to afterward, it became so popular that more than half of the total number of famous newspapers in the US and the UK printed new Sudoku tables every day. 


It could be said that the explosion of Sudoku is caused by its effects onto your brains. According to a lot of research, solving Sudoku brings back a feeling of reorganizing the orders of everything inside our brains.


If you would like to discover more, simply go to Apk game best.







How to play Sudoku!


The rules of Sudoku are simple: As the game has already provided some numbers, players just need to fill in all missing numbers from 1 to 9 into all of 81 squares. In the difficult mode, the system often gives you only 10 filled-in squares in advance. Players also have to meet up with these 2 requirements:


 The numbers that you enter must not coincide with the available numbers given in the 9 small squares that contain them.


Your numbers must not coincide with any numbers in the same row or column that they’re in.


A few tips to play Sudoku better.


Set the number alignment to the rows and the columns to make eliminations.


Find duplicate numbers in the table to make eliminations.   


Sudoku Tips


Try to fill in some numbers and compare them to other rows and columns.


Use the elimination method to get rid of unsuitable numbers inside a small 3x3 square.






 Wrapping it up,


Sudoku is indeed an incredibly interesting board game, right? Although it doesn’t need any flashy graphics or exciting plots, a lot of people still fall in love with this board game. So what do you think about Sudoku? Do you have any other tips to master this game? Let us know in the comment section down below! To download apk online, please visit our store. 

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