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I was thinking the exact same thing. I know it’s not the same contest as like BOA or something but whenever I see a score below 70 I naturally think yikes and they all were like that. Sooooo I’m really curious if they just have a weird way of scoring or they all.....just weren’t very good.

I mean I wouldn't think Pearland/SFA/Oak Ridge/North Shore/Clearbrook weren't very good, so it could be just weird scoring.

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haven't seen this clearly delineated since finals was cancelled and there's a separate prelims scoring sheet for each class, but here's the final results-


1. Stephen F. Austin HS- 71.9125

2. Pearland HS- 70.4000

3. Oak Ridge HS- 69.0000

4. Dawson HS- 68.3500

5. North Shore Sr. HS- 68.2500

6. Clear Brook HS- 67.3875

7. Waller HS- 66.1500

8. J. Frank Dobie HS- 59.5625

9. Little Cypress Mauriceville HS- 59.5375

10. Clear Lake HS- 59.1875


Music: Stephen F. Austin HS

Visual: Stephen F. Austin HS

General Effect: Stephen F. Austin HS

Percussion: Clear Brook HS

Auxiliary: Dawson HS 


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Scoring at Friendswood is generally very different from BOA from what I’ve experienced. This year there were also many difficulties with weather and many changes in the schedule which led to there being no finals. Pearland left as a crowd favorite but did not quite come out on top of the competition. SFA has their whole show, while not fully produced, on the field. I’m excited to see how they do at Conroe this weekend. As for Pearland and Oak Ridge, both bands put on spectacular performances.

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