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I'm going to create a directory of sorts...

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Most recent directory update: 8/14/19 3:00 pm


Forum Name RL Name Fun Facts




Danpod Daniel (Valdez) Churchill alumni/TXB staff

LKendrick Landry TXB Moderator (recent grad student)

Takigan Brandon Georgetown HS band alumni/Cypress area private lesson teacher/TXB staff

Xenon Daniel (Sanchez) Duncanville alumni/TXB staff




Dog885 Josh pit @ Anderson (‘16 - ‘20)

Grace Grace Vista Ridge trumpet ('16 - '20)

MadisonBandMan1 Cody trombone @ James Madison (‘16 - ‘20)

SpartanMarcher Will Porter alto/bari sax (“17 - ‘21)

Stefen Stefen tuba @ Brandeis ('18 - '22)




4boysmom Chris Vista Ridge mom & Band Booster VP; 2 sons currently in the Ranger Band (a bassoon & an oboe);

youngest son currently in MS and plays french horn.

AllenBandDad Chris Allen "Pit Bulls" dad; son played tuba & was a DM; daughter--bass clarinet (’20)

azn Grayson Berkner '16 (clarinet & bass clarinet); also plays piano, steel drums & alto sax

AvonDad Garth Marched trumpet in Springboro OH; son was an Avon drummer ('19 grad) who also drummed DCI for Shadow in '19; Garth was a Prop Parent

Babar56 Bobby Richland dad; boys graduated in '11 & '15; drives the SEMI

BandDad84 Ric CTJ Dad ('11 - '15); has another son who is a freshman in 2019

Bandmomx4 Julie Dgtr #2 plays clarinet for TWHS ('21), Dgtr #3 will be in flute or colorguard in

'19; dgtr #1 (clarinet) graduated TWHS in '18, son (Tuba) graduated from Edmond North

(in OK) in '16; mom (Julie) was in choir in Utah

BlackJesus Danny aka "Smiles" Former trombone at Poteet HS ('17 grad); played euphonium in Genesis DBC in 2017; was also in the TAMUC marching band '17 - '18 (trombone)

BrewersGrill2319 Dylan Former CTJ French horn ('19 grad)

CatOfSachse ***** Former Clarinet at Sachse ('19 grad)

FerrisHalliwell Jeff Clarinet/DM @ Liberty-Eylau ('14); works with LE colorguard as a volunteer.

FloMoParent Kevin Dgtr (clarinet) graduated in '15 and attends the U of AR (go piggees!); son (trumpet & trombone

and also played football) graduated in '18 & also at U of AR. Kevin is active in Band Boosters

Garchomp Gilbert Former Vista Ridge band member (graduated in '16)

gregorydf Greg Vista Ridge dad of Grace and Gilbert; was in Plano band '78 - '80

HardCoreBandFan **** Round Rock dad ('16) and also a Dripping Springs fan

Herbaflerb **** Former Cedar Ridge band student ('19 grad)

HighSchoolBandNerd212 Vandegrift alumnus; played clarinet

J-Mike Jon-Michael Former Lumberton sax (‘19 grad)

JosephBandFan Joseph Keller brother (graduated in '17); brother plays clarinet ('17 - '21)

LastChoirGuy David Keller brother (graduated in 2012--sister in Keller band 04-06)

LeanderMomma Cindy LHS mom; did CG and flute in HS in Memphis; LHS flute daughter '13 - ‘17

LHSbandDad **** Leander dad of 3 band kids; flute daughter ('12), saxophone son ('14) & current saxophone son ('20)

livonian Tom 3 band sons (& Tom) all play euphonium/baritone; oldest is Hendrickson grad ('18) and

music ed major @ UMHB, middle son is in Weiss band ( '21), youngest son (’23);

Tom met his wife in the Longhorn Basketball Band; she plays clarinet

lostbandmom42 Amy son plays baritone for Harker Heights ('21); Amy helps run concessions & chaperones

Mash Dave Vista Ridge Dad; daughter played clarinet and did CG; son in MS band

Moler512 Matt Bass Clarinet for Vista Ridge/graduated in '16

PESHmom Lynn Plano East mom; son played clarinet ('12 - '14); also had clarinet daughter at

Plano Senior ('14 - '16) & another clarinet son who will attend Plano Senior in '19

RudeDog34 Mike Hendrickson dad; daughter plays sax

Samuel Culper No idea Vista Ridge dad

ScoobyDoo Mindy Round Rock mom of 3 band grads

TWHSParent Michael The Woodlands pit dad ('15 - '19); was in band in KY '84 - '89

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So I've decided to do it anyway and I am leaving it up to each member whether or not they would like to be in the TxBands.com directory that I am creating.  All I'm wanting is real life names to go with your forum identity (or you can remain anonymous), and which school you (or your child, sibling, etc) represent(ed).  You can put the info here or you can private message me!  You are also welcome to add anything else that you might want to include such as instrument played, years attended, color guard member, drum major, etc.  


Going first, my RL name is Cindy and my kiddo was in the Leander band playing flute in the 2013 - 2016 seasons.  


If no one responds, I'll know the idea was a dud.   :lol:  


EDIT--IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, DO NOT SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE WITH YOUR PERSONAL INFO.  There, maybe that makes it a little less creepy sounding?  If you are under 18 and are comfortable putting your RL name here publicly in the forum, that's fine.  You can also just give us your school and leave your name anonymous if you wish.  

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Also, if you would like your info to remain private, you can PM me, and I will mark your info as PRIVATE.  


Why am I doing this?  Because I am a people person and I would like to know more about those I have befriended in this awesome forum.  :)

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This idea sounds a little creepy, but I trust you.

I'm Josh, Anderson 2016-2020. I play percussion, I'm probably just gonna stay in pit forever.

Haha, well I didn't mean for it to sound creepy! I'm just trying to associate people with the bands they represent. Plus it's a little weird to meet people from the forum in real life, which I often do at marching competitions, and introduce ourselves by names like Duke of Bandom or Clarinet Queen instead of our RL names. :D

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Hello, My name is Jon-Michael and I am from Lumberton and I'm in the band (2015-2019) and I play the Alto Saxophone. Btw, I love the Leander band. really really good band!

Hello Jon Michael. I have also heard some great things about Lumberton. I hope you all have an amazing marching season this fall and that your senior year is a fantastic one!

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Assuming he stays in band..... lately he has been saying he wants to do other things.....

Ouch... He's one of those... Just kidding he is entitled to whatever he wants to do, just hope he realizes staying in band could be one if the best decisions in his life, especially with a band like Vista Ridge.

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