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  1. The UIL has posted the initial marching band guidelines for Summer 2020. Let's go over the details, the concerns, and why the marching members need your positive attitude more than ever!!!!
  2. The UIL’s landmark announcement to begin limited marching band activities in three weeks has been a silver lining in the gloom of the COVID Months. I’ll analyze what could be handed down in terms of restrictions, mandates, and guidelines for the return of Summer Band.
  3. Might be working on something for later this week...
  4. Drum Major audition stories, British twirling maces, and filthy rap music in the band parking lot are all covered in today's episode!!
  5. This one is dedicated to my Mother and how she helped me through every single step of my musical career :)
  6. The Covid Pandemic is starting to take its toll on numerous summer band camps in the State of Texas. Let’s look at which ones are currently being affected, why these music camps are so important, and my experience at a few of them during my musical career.
  7. The Danpodcast - Drum Corps And The Empty Stadium Today, an unprecedented decision was made by DCI to cancel its 2020 Summer Tour. I'll go through the various reasons why this conclusion was made, what the future holds for the activity, and how drum corps units will be remembered for their actions during this devastating cancellation.
  8. The latest news and notes regarding the coronavirus and the Marching Arts. https://anchor.fm/thedanpodcast/episodes/The-Aftermath-And-The-Marching-Arts-ebm4fe
  9. https://www.wgi.org/wgi-statement-on-remaining-2020-events/ All WGI events cancelled.
  10. Learn below about how the Corona Virus is affecting many marching arts activities around the United States.
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