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  1. As UIL Region deadlines approach, we are starting to see just how much the Coronavirus Pandemic has affected the Marching arts. Let’s take a look at a few Regions with varying participation levels and how we need to prepare ourselves for flexible show-day guidelines.
  2. WGI announced an all-virtual platform and cancelled in-person events for the 2021 Season. Let’s go over the reasoning behind going online and why WGI has the most comprehensive virtual season lined up in the marching arts.
  3. All Area talk today! Let’s chat about the Area A contest cancellation, the return of Area Saturday, and how conferences will work together to pull off Area contests!!!
  4. I’ll provide more context on the Area A stuff tomorrow
  5. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet... 6A and 5A Area A Contests have been cancelled due to lack of participants. Area A will still hold a 2A, 3A, and 4A Contest. The El Paso schools, which makes up most of the participants, were one of the first to choose not to compete this season.
  6. It is here!!! The 2020 marching season has officially arrived and we need to talk about what to expect, answer questions, and why supporting your local marching band is as important as ever!!!
  7. Looks like they cancelled the events. From their website: ”The Director’s Choice plans to host several marching band contests this fall has been met with excitement from bands across the southwest United States. The design sessions have been spirited and productive with many insightful ideas being considered. The assistance and input from so many educators has been welcome and very helpful. However, at this time we have made the difficult decision to postpone until the fall of 2021 due to the continued concerns regarding the augmented spread of COVID-19 in the communities we serve.”
  8. Quick updates on UIL State Marching Band and why the football team gets to do their thing while the band is restricted. You'll never believe why.
  9. The UIL released updated contest rules for Region/Area/State Contests. Let’s talk about these major changes and why The Road To State will not be as easy as some programs think.
  10. USBands is going all-virtual this Fall. The organization is also hinting at a potential Spring Marching series. https://yea.org/news/2020-21-school-year-plan-released
  11. August 1st looks/feels VERY different this year. Let’s go over the recent in-person rehearsal activity, the fundamental rules for the next month, and why programs need to be careful of their social media presence during the Pandemic.
  12. UIL does not have the “business obligation” like BOA does to provide the City of San Antonio with X amount of occupied hotel rooms. Programs are kind of on their own for State Contest. What will make things interesting is if UIL decides to condense their 6A State Contest to one day instead of Prelims one day and Finals the next. Tons of other factors and decisions need to be made well before we can think about talking State Contest.
  13. Bands Of America announced its shutdown of the 2020 Fall Regional/Grand National Championships last week. Let’s go over what led to this monumental decision, some fond memories competing at their events, and why the 2021 BOA Season will be the greatest in History.
  14. The UIL has announced a delayed start to the 2020 marching season. Let’s look at the details and why the competitive aspect of this announcement is unnecessary.
  15. Counties across Texas have started delaying in-person classes and plenty of marching arts organizations have started making tough decisions. Let’s go over what happened last week.
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