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  1. What mouthpiece do you guys recommend? I currently have a Bach k3357 megatone but I want to add another one to the collection. I’ve gotten some suggestions such as PT, rose orchestra , and diablo. I just wanna know what you guys suggest
  2. From what I’ve heard bands in the northern part of Houston seem to be getting better extremely fast. Bands like Willis,Tomball, Porter,Galena park and others will probably be either a state finalist band or BOA grand nationals within the next few years.
  3. I figured Lone Star preview was a pretty good contest if we are doing 5A and 6A. lonestar2019finals.pdf
  4. Considering that the 2019 season has ended what do you guys think are the best Houston bands(both 6A and 5A) and what do you guys predict for the 2020 season
  5. I haven't heard much from other bands in Houston. But show reveals are just getting closer and closer, I can not wait to see what kind of shows we'll see.
  6. Hey guys this topic is so people can talk(maybe brag a little bit) about their show for the upcoming season.
  7. From what I've heard Porter sounds like it'll be the real deal next year
  8. Same here , sadly Willis and Tomball have been moved to 6A.
  9. How do you guys feel about the 5A bands in the Houston area ?
  10. Hey guys I wanna know what your predictions are for the 2020 season and what bands should people watch out for.
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