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  1. Right!! I'm astonished by their placements at SA; I can only imagine how amazing the other groups sound live.
  2. I've unfortunately been unable to experience much bands beyond videos on YouTube, but from what I have experienced, I would say North Shore's 2019 exhibition performance concluding the UIL Area I competition. The top placing bands at the Lone Star Preview were incredible to watch as well, but North Shore just stood out that say at Area and it was a surreal experience. The wall of sound they created was like none-other (in context of what I have seen live).
  3. Vandegrift's ballad is incredible, and the soloist just leaves an amazing impact! Their show is definitely my favorite next to Reagan's this year!
  4. I absolutely love Leander's incorporation of Einstein on the Beach in their opener! It gives me chills every time.
  5. Well I just checked, and his channel no longer exists. It's quite the tragedy. That essentially wiped my watch history from all day.
  6. Were you watching on dan's channel because he had the full library and now I can't even find his channel?
  7. I didn't see Flower Mound, but still can't help but being shocked by their placement. Overjoyed to not only see Reagan as champion, but also break a record! I was definitely hoping to see Coppell and Cedar Park place higher.
  8. How did that happen??? Also, I can't say i'm surprised, but College Park at 51 disappointing.
  9. I completely agree about needing more finalist spots, and about both Magnolia and A&M deserving a spot in finals. At the same time, even as much as 1 more state advancing spot would've been great.
  10. I didn't get to see Magnolia perform, but I too was shocked at not hearing their name for finals. Did they have a satisfying run to their show?
  11. Avon is incredible, but I agree that the narration is extremely annoying.
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