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  1. I believe that students will get to choose; I've noticed students from my school (CP) have been asking people online about which option they are planning. This might be good news for marching band within the school district - from what I know LISD is continuing to plan for fall sports and extracurricular activities, but only time will tell.
  2. Cedar Park Band 2020: "Roots" Here is a link to the reveal. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gKjxsm83SUSXRrkespVTNkNjwkJKiylr/view Very excited to march this show! New uniforms as well!
  3. Wow that's amazing! I was a part of the accepted ensemble that Cedar Park MS had last year. I've heard nothing but great things about the clinic and Chicago, so it should be fun.
  4. Loveeee TMC! I'm really excited to compete at this contest this fall! Should be a huge fight for third place between CP, Rouse, Hendrickson, Dripping Springs, and Winston Churchill. Maybe even JBA!
  5. Love the new look!!!
  6. These past few days have just been so surreal. I have never seen anything like this
  7. So sorry to hear about this! I'm very excited to be playing Leander this upcoming season!
  8. How exciting! They are going to be stunning at Grand Nats!
  9. Good for Richland. They improved so much two years ago upon making state finals. I hope the move to 5A will bring this band back into contention for a state medal and (fingers crossed) a surge back into BOA San Antonio Finals (much like they did earlier in the decade).
  10. At the region band auditions this past week, a lot of the Vista kids were really excited that we were both planning on going to Grand Nats. Good luck to you guys!
  11. I believe they lost some of their enrollment to Weiss, whom I've heard could move up to 6A in the near future.
  12. Yes! When I was in elementary school I lived for the Leander/CP football rivalry. It's been so long since they've played!
  13. For a while this has been a rumor, but today it was confirmed that CP will not be heading to Grand Nats this year. The directors feel that there are a lot of changes to be made to the program, and they likely don't want to test out those new changes in Indy in 2020. This has happened before; when the band first attended in 2010, they were aiming for every four years, but opted out in 2014 for 2016. Although this may sound as a disappointment, there were far more good news and bad news that came with this decision. Please do not count out CP next year. We are destined for great things, I can feel it! As I've said before, this is going to be a whole new Cedar Park. The staff has hired a new design team, specifically with a new program coordinator and drill designer! The goal of CP is to be a fresh, new, modern band that executes like Cedar Park always does. I'm so excited for the 2020 season! Good luck to Team Texas at Grand Nats!
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