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  1. For me the bach mega tone's cup is too deep so I like the PT 31 it's a good middle ground between small and big (a good transition mouthpiece)
  2. Bro I already follow you. I didn't know that you were Simon. I agree with the slurs I feel like getting the consistency though will be something to work on for the slurs and staccato triplets.
  3. With this contest coming up it would be really cool to see this on the predictions page!
  4. Thanks!! Our guard really has improved and I think our percussion just had a bad run because we beat them at a drumline comp a couple weeks back. It was a pretty good showing and now it's time to travel to Austin!!!
  5. Results: 1.Brandeis 2.Stevens 3.Wareen Gaurd-Brandeis Percussion- Warren
  6. Nope, we played CTJ and they only had 13 ( in the stands and on the field)
  7. Anyone have a schedule or know who is going? This contest is taking place this weekend.
  8. Pretty good, I like them and I think that they are actually interesting
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