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  1. Westwood show reveal is Go West. Music from Shennendoah and the Magnificent Seven
  2. UIL is being very quiet and not saying much, but they will fall in line with whatever TEA says.
  3. Based on what TEA is proposing, I don't see anything looking like a normal competition season happening. This will even the plane for lots of bands, but the shows won't be elaborate. I'm hearing that lots of bands are already planning on shelving their planned shows if that indeed happens.
  4. Will I be able to buy finals reserved tickets on Saturday?
  5. Question for those that know. If your band makes finals, is it the usual stampede to get in line for finals? How does that all work?
  6. Westwood isn't going. Looks like, per their posted calendar, they are going to Houston, Austin and San Antonio. No Waco this year, or St. Louis.
  7. I only got a glimpse of a video of a show that was at Grand Nationals. I have no idea what year it was for, but since y'all have a knack for remembering shows, maybe, just MAYBE one of you all can remember it for me. In a nutshell, the show consisted of the band wearing white uniforms with a red or maroon belt/sash. Their music for the clip I saw was Carol of the Bells. ANYONE?
  8. Just turned on flo marching. Eager to see all of the bands
  9. And if a judge simply doesn’t like the design of your show, you’re toast
  10. And to be honest, what do you expect? It sucks for some bands who got left out but it’s a contest you have to pay to participate in.
  11. I thought Bowie’s performance was off compared to their area show.
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