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  1. you’re right, still trying to keep my hopes up though
  2. Super early predictions (not sure about the season though) that will turn out very wrong if the season happens Leander Bowie Cedar Ridge Round Rock Waxahachie Stephen F. Austin Owasso Seven Lakes James Martin Burleson Centennial Carroll McCallum bubble: colleyville heritage, birdvile, aledo, weiss, jj pearce, johnson(buda), granbury
  3. Lots of top bands, huge bubble, can't wait to see what happens here
  4. My locks would be leander, bowie, cedar ridge, round rock, sfa, waxahachie, owasso, seven lakes, and martin Yes, this is a very hard regional
  5. You forget St Louis results exist, as well as Aledo dropping to 6th at the Waco regional, BCent falling below Lake Travis at San Antonio, and Colleyville Heritage missing state finals. So I would agree with having Carroll above the three. It's a power ranking based on the end of the season, not early season results.
  6. SFA 2020 - Odyssey Mont Blanc - Otto Schwartz Dance Mvt. 1 - Oliver Davis Spiral for Violin, Piano, and String: Mvt.1 - Oliver Davis Remedium - Yoko Kanno Music from Blue Planet II - Hans Zimmer
  7. With The Woodlands being the obvious best band in Houston, and Pearland being considered second. Who would be third?
  8. For me I think it has to be 1. The Woodlands 2. Pearland 3. SFA 4. Clear Brook 5. Bridgeland
  9. Seems like everyone in the Houston area is taking big steps
  10. This is for show announcements, stuff like that You never know some groups announce their shows pretty early
  11. Imagine if the Dallas powerhouses show up here
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