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  1. I hardly think any director is trying to go forward with the season just because they see an opportunity to place higher. Now i'm not saying whether or not the risk is worth the reward but I would think that they are trying their hardest to give the kids a season. I would personally take the risk to march if given the choice but I don't think I'd take the risk of putting the students out there if I were a director .
  2. I finally got to watch Marcus 2013. The surprise snake flags were amazing 🤩. Now I need to go watch CP 2004
  3. Extremely thankful for this. I really thought it was some scam at first haha
  4. 1. Leander 2. Cedar Ridge 3. James Bowie 4. Waxahachie 5. Round Rock 6. Owasso 7. James Martin 8. SFA 9. Seven Lakes 10. Carroll 11. Burleson Centennial 12. Aledo
  5. It's definitely a frustrating time and has been a back and forth on whether or not I think there will be a season. While it seems many no longer feel like it will happen, I still have some hope. Just thinking about all the seniors makes my heart ache, especially the ones that were hoping to go to GN. I know of an incoming senior who has struggled with their grades and hasn't gotten to march yet, but their grades have been better and this fall will be their last chance to march.. I wonder if bands that cancel their trip to GN will consider going in 2021. Thinking of another big contingent of TX bands would be really exciting. Would directors just move their show to next year if the season is canceled? I feel like that would make sense with all the work that is put into a show but I may be oblivious to certain factors. And would the extra time result in the shows being even more incredible? It's just crazy how much things have changed. I saw an old clip of people doing trust falls with strangers and my body flinched. I remember a conversation I was having with a friend the week before spring break and she felt like the virus was being blown out of proportion and that nothing would really come of it here. My family friend had been in Korea for a week studying abroad and was sent back and quarantined. A lot of us joked that he couldn't leave the house but now no one's laughing. And a friend texting me about a confirmed case at our university and how freaked she was. Sorry, just letting my mind run free. I'm an overall positive person and I'm not just sulking all day about the thought of the season being canceled. Just living life and pushing through each week. Marching band brings such a unique experience for those participating and those viewing and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. Waxahachie medaled last year at Waco. It's going to be more difficult this year but possible. I always like to see how Waxahachie does compared to different bands to try and get an idea of where they would land at SA, if they were to attend. Lots of bands that had strong seasons last year. I wonder how different all of our predictions will be.
  7. I'm so exhilarated. BOA Austin is extremely competitive and early season. I honestly have no idea where they'll land.
  8. Especially excited for Dream On. I think it will be killer
  9. A Long Strange Trip... could potentially become my favorite Leander show. Any guesses on Vista Ridge's show? I'm thinking it's about space exploration and mining for minerals.
  10. These show announcements are getting me all pumped up again...
  11. This was posted on hornrank. Rouse High School (Leander,TX)"home."Featuring The Music Of:Imogen HeapMicheal GiachinnoMusic From The "Wiz"Music From "Wicked"Inspired by the music of The Wizard of Oz and artist MC Escher
  12. That's a better guess than anything I've been able to come up with
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