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  1. A Long Strange Trip... could potentially become my favorite Leander show. Any guesses on Vista Ridge's show? I'm thinking it's about space exploration and mining for minerals.
  2. These show announcements are getting me all pumped up again...
  3. This was posted on hornrank. Rouse High School (Leander,TX)"home."Featuring The Music Of:Imogen HeapMicheal GiachinnoMusic From The "Wiz"Music From "Wicked"Inspired by the music of The Wizard of Oz and artist MC Escher
  4. That's a better guess than anything I've been able to come up with
  5. Just hopped on but can't view any streams. Anyone else?
  6. Very excited to watch this weekend! Do people make predictions? I wouldn't know enough to form my own.
  7. So many groups to keep track of! Didn't see everyone in the 2nd block but I want to say Burleson Centennial, Hebron, and Paris stood out to me the most.
  8. I'm going to try and catch as many groups as I can today. How many move on to finals in scholastic A?
  9. Ohhhh yeah! So confirmed bands are Vista Ridge, Ronald Reagan, Westwood, Bridgeland, and Haltom?
  10. It actually popped up in my youtube recommendations last night and I enjoyed it Hope you continue to do them.
  11. 2015 was the last time they went. My guess is that they will go in 2021.
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