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  1. That’ll be one to watch. Quite a few bands with the potential to upset
  2. Porter has another contest scheduled both weekends, although Katy does seem more likely since it’d be much harder to get to Conroe from Friendswood than from Woodforest
  3. Not to say that we belong anywhere near this list yet (because we definitely don’t), but Porter beat both Klein Oak and Collins last year.
  4. I’m pretty sure you have everything, but Porter’s planning on attending - Friendswood Marching Contest (9/26) - USBands Dekaney Showcase (10/3) - BOA Houston Regional (10/3) - Lone Star Preview (10/10) - UIL Region Marching Contest (10/17) - Waller Marching Festival (10/24) - UIL 5A Area I Marching Contest (10/31) - Director’s Choice Nationals (11/7)
  5. Porter announced our 2020 show “Cloudscapes” last night! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QGqajkJF69I&feature=youtu.be
  6. I really think the Nats trip is exactly what Bridgeland needs for a breakout year
  7. . I loved Pasadena Memorial’s show this year. Competed against them twice and was blown away both times
  8. I think Tomball Memorial might have used it in 2018? Idk if 8to5brass is still around but he’d be able to confirm one way or the other
  9. I believe Porter’s considering attending, but I’m now very out of the loop
  10. I wouldn’t be too sure about Indy in 2018 or the last few SAs. We’re getting real competitive down here
  11. Going even farther, the last time they placed outside of the top 2 at any BOA competition (not counting 2018 Nats) was at Nats in 2009. They haven’t lost a regional or SR since 2007, and I doubt they’re looking to change that
  12. Chances are Houston, but nothing’s set in stone yet
  13. Porter may or may not be considering making an appearance at BOA next year
  14. I’d love to see some of Ola Gjello’s choral arrangements put on the field
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