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  1. Home games- juniors and seniors are allowed to drive themselves- and any band member sibling- but no one else. We bus over anyone that hasn’t filed out a liability form. Right now we generally have anywhere from 21- 30 kids on a bus- using 7? 8? busses for home games and 11 for away (which everyone is on the bus). I would guess if busses are limited to 25- we could reshuffle some-and technically we could still fit with 11 busses. Just have to split sections up (generally the kids divide up by woodwinds/brass/percussion) for bus rides. who knows what will happen through. Flexibility is going to be the word of the year.
  2. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to reply to this. I understand your frustration as a parent, wanting to find the best possible solution to allow her to still participate in something she loves so much. I wonder if there might be some way for her to help with the band/color guard as some sort of student assistant, that allows her still to have the interaction and being part of the program, but allows more flexibility for her specific needs? I would agree that keeping the port dry at all times would be difficult. I do know there was a girl with diabeties on our color guard a few years back that had an insulin pump. They had to be careful with her, but she was able to participate and compete at the highest levels. They just had to do a little more planning and making sure she had the right emergency foods around if needed. I would say that the decision for your daughter needs to be talked through with the director/color guard director and you and your daugher and probably some sort of medical professional..(there may be some product that is available that would help keep the port clean- or not) , One think I've realized with parenting teens... i have to keep from having knee jerk reactions and be able to calmly list the step by step process of how and where my decision came from- when I have to give them bad news and not let them do something they want to do- that would under normal circumstances be ok. good luck!
  3. College park won’t switch since it’s their homecoming dance that night- and on their schedule they specifically state there will be no performance. The Woodlands have a football game that day, so I can’t see them switching- they already will be missing a game for BOA San Antonio- I cant see them missing two games. Oakridge may switch, The Klein schools are pretty much halfway between the two sites- so it probably depends on football schedules for them.
  4. I do love the new format and layout... the one thing I'm missing... and it might be that I just haven't found it, but before I could click on the unread messages and it would take me to the spot in the thread- where the new messages started... now it seems it just puts me to the start of the thread and I have to figure out where the new messages start in the last or next to last page of the thread.
  5. Twhs just confirmed that Lone Star Preview will be Scheduled for October 10th.
  6. That’s just a copy and paste from the website- here’s a link to register https://marchingartseducation.com
  7. Joni Perez: Bringing Excellence and Entertainment To The Field YOU NEED TO REGISTER TO WATCH (FREE) LIVE WEBINAR March 25, 2020 at 9:00 pm Eastern time FREE FOR EVERYONE! Joni Perez: Bringing Excellence and Entertainment To The Field Sponsored by Fred J Miller, Inc. Take creative chances while giving your students a fun and entertaining show to perform! Joni Perez, Director of Bands at The Woodlands HS, and Kyle Witty, Asst. Director, share experiences from this Fall’s production, including design choices, challenges of the difficult show, and rewards of thinking outside the box. Find out how Joni and her staff help their students achieve such a high level of excellence while also bringing great entertainment to their audiences. Watch live and ask questions during the event! The Process: Once you register, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the live webinar on Wednesday, March 25 at 9 pm Eastern. CHECK YOUR EMAIL for details on how to access the webinar when it begins. This might be in your spam folder so make sure you find the message fromgotowebinar.com. The recording of the webinar will be available here the next day.
  8. Yes! It was great to meet you! I hope whoever got the cheesecake appreciated your mad dash to get it! Lol!
  9. So much fun watching this weekend! I feel like I learned a lot seeing so many High level guards- and it was a great learning experience. (And my head makes a cameo in some of leandermomma’s instaGram stories yesterday
  10. Every single time I see that guard... I’m speechless. We are trying to get there... mccullough sent two guards to a competition yesterday and got 1st and 4th in Cadet.
  11. I'm always interested in learning how the logistics work with different schools. Mccullough jr high has a math teacher Ms Danney that teaches the color guard class. I believe she did dance through Highschool- so she choreographs and teaches the color guard, and the TWHS color guard director- Ms Robins- comes in and works with the class as well and teaches the flag and rifle skills. The first year Ms Danney was the advisor for the color guard extracurricular club- her second year they were able to get it approved to have a class. They have a former TWHS color guard member that comes in and helps work with them during their after school rehearsal time- she just donates her time- but has picked up some private lessons from being involved helping at the jr high. I believe this year she was “given” the Jv team to work with. The TWHS color guard director is paid by the band booster club- so isn’t a school employee- I’m not sure if she is paid something from the color guard fee’s they have for the jr high- or if she works with them just to further the skills of her incoming Highschool kids.
  12. I spent yesterday with our TWHS guards at the TCGC competition. In the past I’ve only showed up and watched my daughter in the cadet/novice category (as she was in jr high) and stayed to watch the few categories after them until the retreat they participated in. My take away from spending the day with the Highschool guards- There’s so much talent out there! I wasn’t able to watch as many as I wanted to- later this year I’ll have a chance to watch more when I’m not chaperoning. The guard community is amazing! I was wondering how on earth they handle their equipment, floor, AND significant size props... and the chaperones that have been doing this told me the other guards all help each other. One of our guards went and helped another guard with their stuff, and then they came and helped our guard with their props and floor. Such great support and help. I got emotional watching the programs yesterday. I am awed by the opportunity these kids have to perform and learn and push themselves- and walking past and listening to the coaches as they gave their pep talks to the kids and helped them focus to do their best... was inspiring. I think our program is about to make another jump in its development. The feeder jr high is now in its second year of holding a color guard gym class and now has both a jv and varsity jr Highschool cadet teams. They’ll be alternating competitions they perform in. They took 1st place in their division yesterday. In a few years the Highschool girls will have 2 years of solid skills learned before they even come to Highschool. This year the freshmen had one year of being in a color guard class instead of it just being an after school practice- and we are already seeing the overall skill levels of the guard increase. Last year the JV guard made state in Scholastic A... they are hoping they can again this year and started the year on a good note with a 3rd place finish at yesterday’s competition. Here are the Klein Collins results from yesterday Cadet George Ranch HS Cadets37.330 (4) George Ranch JV 47.690 (3) Friendswood Cadets 53.020 (2) McCullough JH 54.420 (1) Novice Splendora HS 49.000 (6) Mayde Creek Winter Guard 52.350 (5) Tomball HS JV 42.490 (7) Hightower HS 52.590 (4) Shepherd HS Royal Guard 55.090 (3) Lamar Consolidated JV 38.010 (12) Porter High School Ascension Visual 41.290 (9) Nimitz HS 38.500 (11) Stephen F. Austin 64.500 (1) New Caney HS 41.810 (8) Bridgeland HS JVB 57.120 (2) Terry HS JV 40.450 (10) Scholastic Regional A Goose Creek Memorial HS 55.220 (6) Caney Creek High School 48.710 (8) Deer Park HS 64.810 (1) Oak Ridge High School 60.680 (2) Conroe HS 51.400 (7) Jersey Village JV 58.960 (4) Langham Creek HS JV 58.410 (5) James E. Taylor HS JV 60.320 (3) Klein HS JV 47.900 (9) Angleton HS Winterguard 35.460 (10) Eisenhower HS 62.140 (2) Tomball Memorial HS JV 62.530 (1) Lamar Consolidated HS 57.430 (4) Aldine HS 54.710 (5) Cypress Ranch HS JV 49.780 (7) Magnolia HS 49.860 (6) Cypress Park 47.690 (9) Manvel HS JV 48.450 (8) Rudder HS 58.700 (3) Scholastic JV Waller JV 33.700 (5) Clear Creek JV 42.790 (4) Cy-Fair HS JV 50.180 (3) Cypress Falls JV 53.850 (2) Klein Collins JV 62.670 (1) Scholastic AA Waller HS 36.920 (6) Summer Creek HS 42.180 (4) Humble HS 38.270 (5) Jersey Village HS 49.290 (1) Manvel HS 44.980 (3) Kingwood Park HS 45.730 (2) Scholastic A Pasadena Memorial HS 50.960 (8) George Ranch Varsity 47.750 (11) Tomball HS 55.850 (6) Tomball Memorial HS 61.820 (1) Lumberton HS 59.950 (2) Clear Creek High School 49.580 (10) Cypress Ranch HS 57.630 (4) Cy-Fair HS 53.380 (7) Terry HS 49.640 (9) The Woodlands HS JV 59.090 (3) Klein HS 56.820 (5) Scholastic National A Langham Creek HS 55.840 (6) Cypress Falls HS 58.340 (5) James E Taylor HS 63.690 (2) Klein Collins HS 63.430 (3) Bryan HS 65.880 (1) Westfield HS 61.230 (4) Scholastic Open Klein Oak HS 56.300 (1) Independent Open Spirit Independent 56.900 (3) Black Gold Open 62.500 (1) Undaunted 60.200 (2) Scholastic World The Woodlands HS 61.200 (1) Independent World Black Gold World 64.600 (1)
  13. I probably would have done the same if I was at the computer...
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