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  1. I would love to see waxahachie medal. It might be a long shot, but they've got the chops.
  2. Any news from Keller? Someone said they were announcing yesterday.
  3. Thank you for updating the site! I must admit that I got a bit scared when I first tried logging in on mobile and it was different than I was used to so I haven't been back on in a few weeks. I'm sure I will get used to the changes, but it takes me some time haha. It does look nice though!
  4. I would probably put Cy Fair and Seven Lakes at or near the level of Oak Ridge and Clear Brook as well. JET has also been pretty consistent.
  5. Oh wow, I can't believe I forgot about SFA. It just goes to show you how many great and surging groups there are in Houston right now. Oak Ridge is definitely one of my favorites.
  6. I agree with everything said above. Tompkins was a huge surprise and standout for me this year. I've also loved Clear Brook and JET the last several years. Westfield gets my honorable mention for having another strong year. I could see them making Houston finals again within the next few years at this rate.
  7. Sounds like something about having children... weird. Maybe about the baby boomer generation?
  8. I love this message and the things you are teaching your daughter. Great reminder!
  9. Yes, it was definitely LD Bell. Their music: Valhalla - Daniel James Serenada Schizophrana, mvt 1 Pianos - Danny Elfman Enjoy the Silence- Depeche Mode (Eric Whitacre ver.) Now We Are Free- Hans Zimmer I've said it before and I have to restate given the relevancy that they had my favorite music book of the season.
  10. Wow. Leander leaves arguably the best 6A marching band district to join arguably the best 5A marching band district. Great halftime shows every Friday in northern Austin.
  11. Honestly, these both look crazy difficult. Adding Prosper, Wylie, and Plano East to the already top strong area C makes that scary.
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