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  1. Yeah. I think they will. There is a really great leadership team set for next year and the band is still growing both in size and talent. Numbers are already over 350 for this year and that’s really great. This will be Mr. Perkins first true show that he had the time and ability to design and polish, so I know that it will be a million times better than last year, and I know that he’s well known for consistency. I also know he happens to be an amazing motivational speaker and his speeches are amazing. I am confident to say that I know that the Madison band is under great hands. Not to mention the great percussion instructor we have and the color guard instructor who isn’t a literal founding father of a winter guard circuit in Texas and always designs amazing shows. The Madison Band will be stronger than ever this coming season. I can feel it.
  2. That’s so cool! I am glad that you get to see your daughter make an impact on other people now!
  3. I know Madison hasn’t exactly been consistent, but given our new HBD I have sneaking feeling that is going to change very soon. They may not be in the next ten or higher this year, but I think that will change either next year or two or three years down the road. The Madison Band is going places now. Last year was just a really tough year.
  4. Lol that was a funny one, but I didn’t fall for it. Vista Ridge’s announcements are designed much, much better (no offense) and their music selections a are specifically listed and not all over the place with some artists, some specific songs, and some general soundtracks. Sorry, if it were more sophisticated I maybe would have fallen for it lol. Good try, though, as it gave me a good laugh.
  5. I would like to present the show for the 2020 Madison High School Band: "Dusk to Dawn" Featuring the following: A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics - James Horner A Child's Garden of Dreams - David Maslanka Rest - Frank Ticheli Dream on - Aerosmith https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-LuEq9wTE8&t=28s I hope you enjoy! I personally am really excited to see this from the stands. I can already tell that this is going to be an amazing show to watch and I wish I could be there to perform it. I can't believe that I am not going to be out there for the first time in four years. Now that this is the first full show that our new director has had the chance to design for us I know that this band is going to go great places this season - assuming that we even have one. Go Mavs!
  6. Wow that Leander show reveal was really interesting. I am excited to see how emotional band performances are going to be this year. I really think that this year will be a season full of special performances. I think a lot more tears will be shed this year from everyone, not just the performers.
  7. Here is an update from me! I have committed to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln this fall, and am double majoring in Meteorology and Mathematics of Physical Phenomena (the two fit right in together with little extra classes needed thanks to the math requirements for Meteorology) and double minoring in Physics and Computer Science - again with little to no extra classes. I plan on marching Bass Trombone in the marching band and possibly participating in concert ensembles as well, to be decided upon entering the second semester as I will have a better grasp on the time I have available and how my classes are going. @northtexasbandfan I wish that your son was not a senior this year but a junior, because it would be cool to have someone to connect to and ask for help while I am there. It is okay, though, as I am sure I will be fine. I am super excited to return to my true home, and I am especially excited to be a part of the Husker legacy. I can't wait to perform in front of the most loyal fan base in all of sports, and I can't wait to experience the Nebraskan hospitality once again. Now that I don't have much school left I spend nearly each and every waking moment thinking about college. I am doing whatever I can to prepare for the roller-coaster ride that is ahead of me. I guess we will see how it goes! Go Big Red!
  8. I wonder how much this will affect how many contests bands go to this year and how far they travel even if this clears up by the middle of the summer.
  9. Thank you as always Dan! Great content always comes from you. Keep it up!
  10. I’m also lucky to be attending a university that has a top five program for my major and somehow there are only 39 people majoring in that there!!! Granted, the field is still pretty small, so it makes sense, but the other school I would have gone to had 350 people in their meteorology program. That is nearly ten times the size.
  11. That is kind of the biggest think that I’m torn about. I can play well across all marching band registers for the trombone, so I can’t decide whether I want the melody or to blast notes two octaves below the staff because it’s what I am good at. I’m leaning towards the bass trombone a lot right now because I. Have so much fun playing it and I know that that is my forte. I made the state solo and ensemble contest with an unaccompanied solo on it (this is supposed to be my first trip to SSEC). Uggghhh such hard decisions. I also just just got a very expensive bass trombone mouthpiece that is the best thing I have ever played on that is part of the decision. It’s a Griego 1.25 New York.
  12. Aww thank you! Yeah I have a world ahead of me. I am super excited to head off to Nebraska for college next semester (if we even get to that point). I plan on marching and from what I see they are actually pretty darn serious about their marching band and have a really great program. They have a true band camp full of all-days and that excites me if we will get to experience it. I just can’t decide whether I want to audition on tenor trombone or bass trombone right now 😂
  13. I love it! It's the old design.
  14. Well...there goes that What makes me even more sad was Crown was going to end out my four years of HS in the best way possible. Their ballad, as we learned yesterday, was going to be Chandelier by Sia. That was our ballad freshman year and we poured our hearts into that song. To see that my favorite corps was going to play it the year that I graduated was just perfect, and now I don't get to have it.
  15. The world is literally falling apart around us right now. This really really sucks.
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