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  1. This thread is cracking me up. I can’t believe we’re assigning bands penalties in a contest that hasn’t even happened yet.
  2. Yes Bowie is who I would give the greatest shot at upsetting Leander here at Waco. Then Round Rock and Cedar Ridge. This one is no guaranteed win for sure and Leander knows that! The band that I am most excited about seeing here is Owasso! (I hope their guard wears shoes this time. 😳)
  3. There are definitely several bands who could win at Waco. Here’s the current list of attendees based on their school calendars: Aledo H.S., TXBirdville H.S., TXBurleson H.S., TXBurleson Centennial H.S., TXCarroll H.S., TXCedar Ridge H.S., TXColleyville Heritage H.S., TXConroe H.S., TXCreekview H.S., TXJames Bowie H.S., TXJames Martin H.S., TXJohnson H.S., TXLakeview Centennial H.S., TXLamar H.S., TXLeander H.S., TXMagnolia H.S., TXMcCallum H.S., TXNorth Mesquite H.S., TXOwasso H.S., OKRound Rock H.S., TXSeven Lakes H.S., TXStephen F. Austin H.S., TXW. Charles Akins H.S., TXWaxahachie H.S., TX Weiss H.S., TX
  4. I’m not sure we’re forgoing anything just yet. And we should only be going to Region anyway since it’s no longer a state year for Leander (5A class now). Leander’s calendar interestingly shows a “Potential UIL” event for Tuesday, October 13th so perhaps Region 32 has been moved to a weekday event this year.
  5. That’s the thing about Leander. We NEVER assume we have won. Too many times another great band comes from behind in semis to take over the lead. I can see several bands here with the ability to do just that. It’ll be fun trying, though! 🥰
  6. Leander has their schedule up. No TMC this year, sadly, but we are adding Waco. Sept. 26–BOA Austin October 17–BOA Waco October 30-31–BOA San Antonio
  7. You guys, he’s a complete Newbie and look how quickly y’all have been taken in under his spell. I’m so disappointed...
  8. I keep forgetting that there will now be 12 finalists at all BOA Regionals. It will definitely make things more interesting!
  9. I think we will see the Johnson HS band (Buda) rising quickly. How about Dripping Springs?
  10. I’m trying to figure out your name change... 🤔🤔🤔
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