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  1. Personally I'm not a fan of narration in marching shows. That being said, I've never forgotten the kid that did the intro in Hendrickson's 3D show. He was amazing.
  2. I think this would affect some of the festivals/invitationals like Vista Ridge and the Texas Marching Classic. There's only so many Saturdays in October.
  3. Of the shows I've seen live, Reagan is my favorite. I am partial to them, but 2 things about this season: 1st, I loved Loop and was concerned they wouldn't be able to top it. I am so happy to report that my concerns were unfounded. Secret World just blows me away in a way Loop didn't, which is saying something given my love for Loop. Second, live, Secret World is stunning on every level. There's no part of the show where you're left saying, "It was great except for...(fill in a weak spot)." Every section/performer is just spot on. It's a powerful show. Next to Reagan, of the shows I've seen live, Vandegrift is my second. I love their drill and their brass is impeccable. I haven't seen any of the Dallas-area shows, so it could turn out that one of them will change my mind. We'll see!
  4. According to the weather reports it'll be the bands bringing the heat and not the weather. Fingers crossed.
  5. what does that mean? Hmmm on Vandy over Reagan? All I can say is that TMC is going to be the hottest place to be on October 12!
  6. Speaking of Reagan, went to the NEISD Fall Festival tonight. Reagan was a powerhouse. Really, REALLY impressive. And I have to give a shout out to MacArthur. Really loved their show. I know they're not going to Houston, but since I'm commenting...
  7. With regard to the Marcus show from 2015--there are very few shows from 2015 out there on Youtube because that was the year that BOA and copyrighters went head to head over BOA selling videos from competitions. No videos were sold that year and BOA aggressively went after videos posted online after the competitions. FloMarching started up the next year, I think? But that year people who didn't go to BOA San Antonio or Grand Nats were basically out of luck if they were hoping to see a show online.
  8. Loop +1 The 4th Dimension -1 The 4th Dimension 10 On the Waterfront 66 Leonardo's Dream 64 Sculpt 58 Polarity 53 Lost and Found 52 Loop 15
  9. Reagan struggled through both CTJ splitting off and several band director changes. The last director change was smoother, as the current director was an assistant and part of their rebuilding process prior to becoming director. I had a kid in the band during the rebuilding years, so the growth has been fun to watch.
  10. I am curious about your band's marching audition requirements. 1) Does your band require a marching audition? Are there any physical elements/requirements other than being able to march? (i.e. Do you learn some choreography and have to perform it as part of the audition? Do you have to show physical strength like push-ups/sit-ups/squats or be able to run a certain distance or anything like that?) 2) What happens if you don't pass the marching audition? Do you A) perform in the concert season only? B )stand on the sidelines during competitions and perform in the stands at football games? C) have a varsity level marching band and a JV marching band, so you perform with the JV? D) perform with your marching band as an alternate, rotating in and out of a position, usually performing in prelims at competitions? E) become a prop master? Or: F) a combination of the above which is _____________________________________________________. G) none of the above. Instead we _________________________________________________________.
  11. As far as having the same bands/school districts at the top be boring--I don't feel that way at all. While I loved having Vista Ridge smash their way into the top this year and find that to be incredibly exciting, I also love it when a band who is "always the bridesmaid, never the bride" makes it to the top. There are a number of bands who are always finalists but who never actually win or even make top 3. But you know their name and you know their shows and you know they're probably going to be a lock for finals every year. So you might think that's boring. But every year I always hope to see one of them (the bridesmaids) finally reach their goal of coming out on top. I know what it feels like to get so close you can taste it, but never actually reach your goal. So to me that's exciting to watch those same groups who put out excellence every year, strive just that much harder to get just thatmuchcloser to the medal stand. It's just a different kind of exciting. And I also have to add that back in the days when Marcus was at the top of the heap every single year, I never found their shows to be boring. I remember watching in awe and just sitting back and enjoying the show. I knew everyone else was fighting for second place. But that didn't make Marcus's shows any less incredible and exciting to watch.
  12. This is of course a matter of opinion. You don't give parameters for your request--the top 10 this year? The top 10 based on overall results? That being said, I'll take a whack at it based on which bands consistently make finals at BOA San Antonio over the past 5-ish years. In no particular order the top 9 would be: Marcus CTJohnson Reagan the Woodlands Vandegrift Leander Flowermound Hebron Cedar Park Those 9 have been the most consistent in the past 5 years and/or more. I think you could make a good case for any of the following bands to take the #10 spot: Hendrickson James Bowie Keller Round Rock LD Bell Cedar Ridge And then you have, based on the latest season, the "ones to watch" which in my opinion are: Vista Ridge Seven Lakes Westlake
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