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  1. Clements HS- Ballet Mecanique What happens when classical becomes mechanical!
  2. I’d heard rumors of this as well so hope to see it become reality!
  3. I saw that Carmel was 2nd place at ISSMA so I’m assuming Avon won that as well?
  4. In some previous contests I’ve been to they reward recovery
  5. The energy is amazing tonight it’s just sad that this is the last time we’ll see some of these shows
  6. It will be interesting to compare 7L and Bridgeland after Bridgeland’s victory last week over notable groups like Oak Ridge, Cy Fair, and Clements
  7. So far I’ve only seen recordings of Westwood and Leander and I have to say I was incredibly impressed by both. Stunning performances and even through the video I got goosebumps multiple times for both
  8. Unfortunately I don’t have recaps and yes Clements won Percussion in prelims with Cy fair close behind in that caption. There technically was no award for GE but the GE judge put Clements in first
  9. For class 5 Bridgeland won most of the captions with Clements taking Percussion and GE*in prelims No captions were awarded in finals
  10. Finals: Bridgeland Oak Ridge Cy Fair Clements Cy Woods JET Cinco Ranch Brazoswood Spring Cy Ranch
  11. Both of them were both in the bottom five actually..Top I know were Oak Ridge, Cy Fair, Cy Woods, Clements and Bridgeland
  12. 7L tied with Tompkins in prelims so they’ll be competing for the katy school winner in finals
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