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  1. I would agree, CTJ always builds a BOA style show, even on a state year. This year with Covid-19 impact the show is very focused on the drill. I am looking forward to seeing what this looks like in 2 weeks
  2. CTJ 2020 "Know Who You Are" - UIL Region 11 performance
  3. correct - no finals at Area or State - nor is there any retreat. welcome to 2*2*
  4. there should be some new schools at State - after all it is 2*2*
  5. from what I have heard to date - and this is subject to change, I would count these as locks (in no particular order) FloMo Marcus Hebron CTJ Coppell TWHS I am not aware of any of the Austin 6A big hitters that are going to UIL - could open up spots for some new programs - in our school district, only 1 of the 7 high schools is doing UIL beyond Region - and some did not even do region.
  6. I would say NO - since Mike Howard is judging for 6A UIL State
  7. I would not count on any locks until we know for sure who will be attending. rumor mill here in San Antonio is that Reagan performed at Region but declined to advance to Area. the calendar does not show area or state competition
  8. for those that followed the GNats 2019 facebook page - this is Claudia Taylor of the Grand Nats 7 puppies - we also have her brother Kevin (the eagle) - she turned 1 year old yesterday - she manages my TXBands account for me -
  9. UIL Region Saturday - Good luck to all the programs that are competing today
  10. it is a combination of the reasons that you mentioned - many districts made a decision early on, some while they were in a surge months ago and was done in response to their local city/county officials where driving their narrative. BOA had to call the season early due to the financial burden of the venues and opted out to save cost. I understand they have adjusted their MFA staff accordingly. UIL did not make a call until much later in the process and opted to delay rather than cancel. there are still plenty of programs that are not going to participate or even plan to participate in region in an effort to continue earn or continue their division 1 rating and then decline the area contests, but it does appear that the majority of programs in 6A that were at state in 2018 are still competing. I can say that our program has gone above and beyond to do everything possible to protect our kids and we have not seen any outbreaks within the program. the bulk of the kids travel to the stadiums in personal vehicles and since all our events including state are local we can do that and limit the concerns of kids packed on buses. Many programs are also doing a recycled or shelf show and many are shorter than normal, limiting or eliminating props. looking forward to UIL Region this weekend and hope that UIL Area and state still come together, it is an uncertain year and we are all trying to get through it the best we can Stay Safe
  11. shout out to CTJ - first competitive show of the year at the Judson Rocket Review 1st Place 6A, color guard caption, percussion caption, overall champion great show in a trying and difficult year - next stop, UIL region
  12. that could be a heck of a Texas line-up if the 2020 planned bands go in 2021 along with those mentioned - it would be great to see these programs all going to GN TWHS CTJ Reagan Vista Ridge Bowie Haltom Cedar Park this could be the largest Texas contingent we have seen - and sure there are others out their that are still deciding that we won't hear about for a few more months
  13. so in a normal year - next week would have been BOA Grand Nats - there were a number of Texas Bands planning for a 2020 trip - Reagan and Vista Ridge to name a few. So any word on if Reagan or Vista Rudge are making the trek to Indy in 2021? I know that TWHS normally goes during a non-state year like 2021 and there was some talk of CTJ getting into the same routine. I would assume that the normal players like Avon, Carmel will be there and unlike last year we could see Tarpon and Broken Arrow and many others as well. 2021 could be one of the largest and most competitive Grand Nats we have ever seen It will be interesting to see if the year away will bring out more programs to make the trek - with many shelving their programs for 2020 and doing a smaller program, does that extra time give them a show that they would feel more confident in taking it to Indy. I think the entire 2021 BOA season will be very competitive for that reason. Fundraising could also be a major concern, I know a number of programs here that have seen a significant decline in the fundraising and it will be interesting to see if that continues into the 2021. I welcome others thoughts on the topic
  14. today would have been BOA San Antonio Super Regional - this video will give you a laugh - https://www.facebook.com/okgo.officialmusic/videos/360596918333747 Enjoy - non traditional marching show for a non-traditional year
  15. sorry to hear that - I hear that a great deal of the DFW programs are moving forward with UIL this year. these are CTJ's throwback uniforms to their first year in the FJM dance uniforms - the kids are looking forward to a great (modified) season and missing BOA but doing what they can to get through it would love to see some picks from the other programs that are out there performing right now
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