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  1. not that this would ever happen but here's an idea. first, you change enough of the parameters so that a BOA style show can still fare well and not have to change their whole show to accomodate. next make state an every year event for all classes but give the bands the ability to opt out if they have a conflicting schedule. finally , you make sure that none of the judges are from texas so that you dont get the one rogue judge that just happens to not like the director or program for personal reasons. before you say this wouldnt work let me point out that mississippi ( yes, little ol country butt mississippi) has been using this format for years and it works out great. the participation percentage is higher, there is a true state champion every year, it has developed more "friendly" rivalries that have helped to improve the programs by a long way. i do agree that the military style bands need their own state contest. i didnt realize there were that many here but apparently there are quite a few. please understand that i am not equating the quality of the band programs with those 2 states but in my opinion, mississippi has the much better system by far
  2. i know this is late but what did you decide ( if anything yet) ? some directors have a different way of teaching or treating people and it doesnt work for everyone. i would hope that if the director knew how he was making you feel and what he was doing to make you feel this way then maybe he would change his approach somewhat. alot of times a new director will come in and be very abrasive because they feel that they have to command the respect right from the start. im not saying that is what is happening here but it could be.. i would encourage you to give it another shot and do not let someone take something away from you that love doing just because you dont like them.
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