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  1. I'm becoming more and more concerned that it won't happen. If it does, it will be interesting to see whether or not fans are allowed...I don't know if that would include the band or not. The game itself is not the only hurdle...some of the difficulty is getting kids to the games. Buses are tight spaces and would be a perfect breeding ground for the virus.
  2. I recall it being discussed in another thread but I can't remember where...can someone clarify how many will make it per Area? Is it based on how many bands actually go to the Area contests or how many actually make "I" at the UIL contest.
  3. Here's a Dallas Morning Here's a Dallas Morning News article about it. It has the breakdown and numbers for all of the schools. https://www.dallasnews.com/high-school-sports/football/2019/12/03/highland-park-is-staying-in-class-5a-for-the-next-two-years/
  4. 6A 2220 and above - 249 schools 5A 1210 - 2219 - 254 schools 4A 515 - 1209 - 202 schools 3A 230 - 514 - 236 schools 2A 105 - 209 - 200 schools 1A 104.9 and below - 220 schools
  5. They definitely don't...and you can't just get a la carte, month-to-month without jumping through hoops. I had to buy the full year (about $150.00) and then email them asking to be switched to the month-to-month...I only needed the marching season, not a full year! It took several emails back and forth to finally get it figured out. I cancelled, too...their umbrella is huge so I don't know if it's logistically feasible but it would certainly make financial sense for them to do a monthly subscription or pay-per-view for contests.
  6. The amazing thing is that it could have been more Texas dominated....what if Reagan, Marcus, Bowie, Keller, Bell, FloMo, etc. had gone to Indy? Texas is the center of the marching band universe, if you ask me....probably has been for a few years.
  7. I'm afraid of the regrets you will have if you decide to move on (I don't like the word "quit"). You have friends in band who support and love you...that would be a big hole in your life. If things are really bad and can't be worked out, is there another, nearby school with open enrollment? I would definitely advise speaking directly with your parents first and then with the director (with your parents) but open enrollment could be a worst-case scenario option.
  8. Bingo!!! I want video for my kids to 1) watch for themselves and 2) have it to show their kids years from now. I actually found video of some of my band's performances in the mid-80s....I was thrilled!!! I showed my kids just how much better they are now and how much things have changed. Not only that, there are parents on the loading crews and who help push equipment that don't ever get to see shows from above. We'd like to see the show, too. There has to be a happy medium somewhere.
  9. You're right....my mistake. I was thinking Carmel but it came out Avon.
  10. Thanks! That's awesome! The interview Saturday said so much about him and his family. Incredibly impressive young man.
  11. And I have no idea if the trombone player for CTJ or his parent or anyone affiliated with him are on this board....BUT.... If that kid does ANYTHING but share his musical talent in adult career, it will be a waste. I've seen some other-generational, high school talent before but that kid was far and away the best player I've ever seen. I was speechless watching that feature. And someone tweeted that it was improv??? Are...you....kidding me?!?!? Seriously, I would hate to see talent like that wasted on something other than a music career.
  12. Let me say first that Avon was awesome and worthy of a top 5 finish.....but..... Hebron was better overall than Avon. Hebron and Vandy were the 1 and 2 bands out there. Vandy was clearly the best but Hebron's music (THAT BRASS!!!!) set it apart from Avon, in my opinion. I thought Avon's performance concentrated too much on the French Horn soloist (who was fantastic, by the way) but I wanted to hear the entire band much more. I'm sure Hebron is happy with 3rd but I just think they deserved 2nd.
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