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  1. Definitely. I even get confused at contests like Austin (however, I am very far from being a BOA judge). This contest needs to be reformatted to resemble a Grand Nats of the South, so to speak.
  2. Super late to this thread- but woah. I was shocked by the results. Great stuff. Super proud of Rouse and CR.
  3. I believe it has a lot to do with the attitude most people in California have towards extracurricular activities- here, it's a little odd when all you do is go to school. Most Californian teenagers I know are very much focused on where they're going after HS. Academics are very important. I'm fairly involved in Boy Scouts, so I make trips around the country to work for groups who need it. Californian Scouts (whom I just visited in San Francisco) are the ones who have struck me the most out of any group I've ever worked with. For a significant portion of these young men (and now women!), they are not there to have fun. They are there to add to the resume. On top of that, there's not a whole lot of them. Scouting in general is very small there. Rambling about a completely different activity aside, I know it's all very anecdotal. That's just personally what I believe.
  4. I'll definitely be at Austin!! I haven't been as active on the forums this season but don't think I'm not into band anymore- I still very much am.
  5. This is awesome! I cannot partake in the drinks, but I plan to make it up to Grand Nats this year. Let’s go #TeamTexas!
  6. I was thinking this exact thing the other day. This event and skill tier has completely shifted in the last four years.
  7. Super late to this thread buuuutttt I love this idea!! Someone keep me in the loop!
  8. I'm not too sure about how strong Churchill is, especially for taking first place. I believe they will rank highly, but I have some doubts regarding a first place spot. That's just me though. I haven't seen anything from them, so if anything is out there feel free to PM it to me.
  9. Well, I think a big contributing factor to the prominence of marching band (in the areas where it's big) has to do with HS football. If you look at places where marching band has big programs or high participation, Friday Night Lights are very popular. I don't know about the FNL scene in California, but I believe that proves my point. Take this as you will: it's herbaflerb's hot take of the day.
  10. The Wanderer +1 Lost and Found -1 All Hallows Eve 10 One Love 8 En Pointe 8 Twist of Fate 6 Uncharted Waters 13 The 4th Dimension 14 On the Waterfront 16 Leonardo's Dream 21 In the Garden of Cosmic Speculation 7 Just Another Brick 5 Sense of Direction 4 Steadfast Tin Soldier 4 Proddigy 12 Us and Them 11 Testament 9 Symphony of Silence 16 Sculpt 18 The Forest Thru the Trees 15 The Wanderer 10 Change is the Only Constant 7 Synapse 11 Polarity 8 Tremendous Sea of Love 8 Lost and Found 14 Endeavor 14 Loop 17 Pop 17
  11. A little late to the thread, but I agree. It’s just a game. Doesn’t retroactively change BOA scores. Also +1000 The Wanderer -10000 everyone else
  12. My school uses flip folders for our songs in the stands and when playing for our drill team. It's far too much music to memorize in addition to our show. The flip folder you mentioned is the same one I used to use. It's pretty good. Best of luck.
  13. Absolutely fantastic lineup. Move over, ACL. I know what fall music event I'm attending this year.
  14. Hey there fellow Cedar Ridge student! Solid list, but I just wanted to point something out you mentioned. LISD bands are onto something: having very strong middle school programs. You don't get that good when you don't get exceptionally good at the fundamentals of music early on. High schools can only do so much.
  15. We all suck lol. There's just about nothing thus far, other than show names and basic concepts.
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