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  1. What he said. For Vista Ridge, Vorca Rhe is on the shelf with the plan to take that to Indianapolis in '21. ReImagined is the new show for '20. Hopefully there will be football games at which to perform.
  2. I disagree that it is ignorant. College football is not going to pull the plug until it absolutely must. There is too much at stake. It's responsible of UT and other universities to plan for the largest crowds they can envision at some point in the season. I guarantee you they are exploring and planning contingencies with smaller crowds as well. It is not completely out of the question that a 50% crowd might be possible late in the season. Sure, it seems unlikely, but six weeks ago things looked very different. Who can accurately predict the future in this environment?
  3. Hang in there and keep doing what you're doing. Your girl is a special young lady and will come through this beautifully.
  4. You appear to be inferring something from my post that I was not saying.
  5. The risk to the kids IS minimal. Go look at the numbers. In the case of school age kids, the risk of severe illness or death truly is no worse than the flu and we live with that risk constantly. The risk is to the teachers, staff and parents. I'm not saying that means the decision on how to proceed is different, but let's just be clear on what the true risk is that we are facing.
  6. Maybe if Aledo combined their two bands that are in the upper and lower bubbles it would improve their chances. 😂🤣
  7. While true, it is ZERO consolation for an incoming senior.
  8. To be fair, thread title is "Songs you love to see in a program", not "Songs you WOULD love to see..."
  9. For me, nothing will EVER compare to the Leander-Vista Ridge-CTJ sandwich. So many kids and so much joy.
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