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  1. Not to mention sports sharing the same students, especially in smaller schools. Moving football to the spring would wreak absolute havoc under those circumstances. Besides, UIL has recently taken an official position that they do not support the alternative sports schedule with football in the spring that's been making the rounds. Whether it's an option they're keeping open, though, I don't know.
  2. Waxahachie is not attending GN. They have financial and community concerns that have kept them out of a super regional to date, but that could change in the next year or two due to recent changes in administration within the district.
  3. All State jazz results were released a week ago, so I’m assuming he made one of those two ensembles.
  4. Alright...if it makes you feel better, you can have the last word. You obviously have a greater understanding of music education and competitive marching band than I do.
  5. I can promise you that Hebron not being consistently clean at this point in the season has everything to do with the difficulty of their show, which was designed to peak two weeks later than Marcus. So, yes, it is related to the overall pacing of the season. Hebron just needs more time with their program. Secondly, I saw both finals performances and am well aware of why each band ended where they did, but I felt no reason to elaborate on any critical thoughts I may have had. Instead, I chose to focus on the positives and the potential for each band's final performance this season. Finally, I have access to the sheets and can tell you that two judges in prelims also had Marcus ahead in music. They both had Hebron in third, one with Keller in first and the other with Waxahachie in second. So, while their finals run may have had some clarity issues in their closer, it seems the judges also found some issues in their prelims run, as well. My point is that I trust their staff will guide those students through one of the hardest shows out there into what will eventually be some some of the most memorable performances at Grand Nats.
  6. The DMI does use the traditional UIL Area/State scoring system, but to say the judges were all looking for easy, well-executed shows is not respectful of what the Marcus Band has achieved with their show this year. There simply isn't a detail left untouched anywhere in their entire performance, and almost all of it is performed at an extremely high level. Hebron, on the other hand, is pacing itself for a season that's two weeks longer. They may still not be able to top Marcus at San Antonio, but I'm sure those students will pull it together for several amazing performances in Indianapolis. As an aside, at least three of tonight's judges are heavily involved in BOA...two of them have bands that have won a regional this year, and the other often heads up BOA judging panels. I would think they appreciate the nuances and BOA influences in all of the shows tonight.
  7. Is anyone having trouble with no sound on playback with FloMarching?
  8. Actually, Prosper ISD is planning on having 4(!) complete high schools by 2024 or 2025.
  9. The Cadets show reeks of politics, both internal and polarizing cultural issues. Why, oh why, do they feel the need to bring those things onto the marching field?
  10. That's a good question. Unfortunately, I can't answer it with any certainty. My best guess is that people have been wanting to add judges to the state contest for years, and this is a way to do that while making the sheets more specific and the massive gaps in rankings less likely. I also dislike that the three levels of contests all have different sheets, but it's possible that finding 6 qualified judges for all the areas may be a but of a challenge. Also, they're looking at making the Area contest a yearly thing in order to allow band programs the ability to shoot for a UIL championship on non state years without the expense of traveling to state. Unfortunately, the weekend they're looking at is BOASA.
  11. Yes. A committee has come up with and disseminated new forms with a survey to all band directors around the state. The way the survey is worded makes it seems like everything is still up for change if needed. Essentially, the region marching sheets would look pretty similar to the way they always have, but design/difficulty are given a *slightly* more prominent focus. I believe Area is also very similar, but design and demand are given even more credence on each of the sheets, and the term "movement" seems to have replaced "marching" in many instances. There could be more differences, but it's been a few weeks since I looked at them. State sheets are where the biggest changes lie. Essentially, they've proposed something that's more akin to DCI judging: a WW sheet, a brass sheet, a percussion sheet, an individual visual sheet, an ensemble visual sheet, and a design sheet. Each sheet includes content and achievement categories, and all are assigned 200 points. It looks like a separate judge would be responsible for each caption, but that wasn't made clear in the survey. Like I said, it's been a few weeks, so I could have gotten some details wrong...potentially some very important details, but that's what I remember right now off the top of my head.
  12. Having gotten to see them live, the word "crass" comes to mind when thinking of their sound. Yes, it's powerful and that definitely elicits an emotional response from the crowd, but all of the top groups are just more refined in their execution. Maybe they'll continue to refine that volume over the next few years, but for the time being I'd be surprised to see them in the finals of a contest like BOA DFW given the depth we always see there.
  13. It was originally scheduled at McClane, but some type of fundraiser marathon was ending at the stadium parking lot. BOA decided (appropriately) that the other event would interfere with logistics of the contest, so it was moved. I would assume they worked to ensure no double bookings of a similar sort will occur this next year.
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