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  1. Nice to uniforms, Plano isn't even issuing uniforms this year.
  2. Not sure this is the right place for this, but just a little bright spot in this crazy year. Still sad 😥 I won't get to see my son compete this year, but this was nice to see after not hearing the Plano Band since last March. https://youtu.be/c7ODYTtKLNg Big props to the band directors for doing what they had to in order to hear them play again.
  3. Well we received notice from Plano ISD that although band will be happening in some weird form this year, we won't be doing anything in uniform . I actually had tears in my eyes when I read that. The band director at Plano Senior just said he will be sending out a revised schedule after this weekend. I understand, but it doesn't make it any easier.
  4. So far Plano is still marching, my son starts in leadership camp next week. I would be happy with Regional competitions. So sorry to have this your Senior year🙁
  5. All of this just makes me so sad. As a Mom of a high school senior and my last child to experience this with just breaks my heart.
  6. We just received notification from our band director at Plano that band camp will start as scheduled. There are guidelines that are given plus more to follow. I am hopefully optimistic there might be a season.
  7. As a parent of a 2021 graduate too, and it being my last child to experience band with, I am trying to keep hope for something this year!
  8. You can add Plano Senior Band to the: Carrollton TOC McKinney Marching Invitational. Also, Clark HS (Plano, Non Varsity) will be at the Princeton Sounds of Fall contest.
  9. Plano Senior High School Band Show: The Swan Featured Music: Swan Lake - Tchaikovsky Arrival of the Birds - Cinematic Orchestra The Swan - Saint-Saens ------------- Loving the musical selections for this, just hope we get the shows in this year. It will be my last year as a band parent (high school anyway!)
  10. Plano East looks like they have Mckinney Marching Invitational and BOA San Antonio. Also just heard the band director. Mr Villarreal will be retiring, so don't know who will be replacing him.
  11. That looks interesting... Maybe they can borrow some of the Marionette props from Plano's show last year, LOL. This looks a little "darker" though!
  12. Was cancelled for the Plano East Bands... I feel so sad for the kids. My son played there with PESH in 2014 and it was one of the most memorable moments for both me and my son. They are not even sure they can get refunds on everything, I sure hope they can. Heartbreaking
  13. Area C is a lot of bands! They could potentially send 6? Area B might have a hard time getting 5, so most likely only 4 will advance. But wow, the bands in Area C... so competitive! Of course the top 3 for area B are pretty much a given one would think, but I think that 4th spot will be a tough fight! Wylie and Prosper are my original picks, but who knows. PESH continues to rebuild after the realignment of the schools hurt them and PSHS had a really good year last year(which I hope wasn't a fluke and that will be my final year as a band parent ). Sachse also has been putting out some real quality shows.
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