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DCI 2018 Rules Congress

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Posted 14 December 2017 - 05:03 AM

Here is a list fo the proposed rules to be considered by corps directors at the 2018 Rules Congress on January 5-6. 



1. Increase Membership to 154

2. Extend World Finals to 15 corps

3. No Scores Before July 1st

4. No scores- Ordinals Only (the UIL system)


5. Annual Rules Congress


6. Only allowing 6 brass players to be amplified at one time.


7. Add a brass judge in the box at large shows


8. Change the way percussion is changed (read the proposal on this one, it's tough to explain)


9. Adjust music sheets to deal with amplification and electronics. 



My thoughts: the only big thing I want to say is if 6 is adopted you may see BOA adopt a similar rule. Also, 4 would fundamentally change DCI, and it would be a little crazy at first, doubt it gets adopted. 7-9 all make sense to me. 1 is fine. 3 would help reduce slotting which is a plus. 2 I'm not sure about honestly, just on the fence.

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Posted 15 December 2017 - 12:52 AM

Extending DCI Finals to 15 corps would water down the contest.  25 programs make Semi-Finals so the you would be taking over half of the semifinalists to Finals.  Granted, 15 finalists is more in line with the WGI model.  


Not sure how you would be able to "police" the six-player amplification rule.  You could see some programs turn to using sampled sounds via synth in conjunction with shotgun mics to "disguise" the amplification.

As for the ordinals system, scores will still be tabulated but only ordinals will be released to the general public.  Keeping fans in the dark about spreads, which is specifically addressed in the proposal, is a bit of a moot point.  Some of us will still be privy to the actual scores and us nerds can probably put together a full recap of DCI Finals within 24 hours.  I get that the proposal is trying to stop the impact of spreads by certain judges, but there are too many captions and subcaptions to deal with for spreads to not happen.    

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