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  2. Just dropping in. I already assumed that the season was going to be canceled (or pretty much canceled), so I'm not super disappointed. That said, bands in Texas have really stepped it up in recent years, so I was excited to see what they'd bring this year. Last year's San Antonio (and nationals) results went a long way in convincing me that there are probably 10+ bands in Texas that could win a Bands of America national championship, if given the right show. Now, how many groups will actually land on that winning show is anybody's guess. I mean, it turns out that all Vandegrift really had to do was fine-tune their visual program a little bit more, give it some more layers from a design perspective, and combine it with their already incredible musicianship, and boom: national championship. I really wasn't expecting that at all going into the season. Nor was I expecting a pretty close to par-for-the-course Flower Mound show ending up in 9th place at San Antonio, even after watching the shows in finals. So, in my mind, there's lots and lots of potential right now.
  3. Do you have a decent copy of Marcus 2015? It has probably been a few years since I've been in the drive, so I don't remember. 2015 is a bit of a lost year, because that was when BOA stopped selling DVDs, and people were just getting used to having to record the streaming events on their own computers.
  4. I don't think they will be the only ones doing it - both going virtual and the spring season
  5. USBands is going all-virtual this Fall. The organization is also hinting at a potential Spring Marching series. https://yea.org/news/2020-21-school-year-plan-released
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  7. Right! Great folks at LT. When the kid was little, we started taking her to football games, and going there was amazing! We had a great time and that's what I wish EVERY high school football game was like.
  8. Girl! 🤣 I always hated playing Lake Travis! They would annihilate our poor Leander boys. But their band parents were always so very nice to us. Good people!
  9. Westwood show reveal is Go West. Music from Shennendoah and the Magnificent Seven
  10. August 1st looks/feels VERY different this year. Let’s go over the recent in-person rehearsal activity, the fundamental rules for the next month, and why programs need to be careful of their social media presence during the Pandemic.
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  12. hey, I uploaded this video for those who want to know all the 4A bands and who goes where for the season. I talk about all the regional groups and which area they go to
  13. just as an fyi, i'll be leaving the videos up probably a bit longer than expected. i suspect many band nerds will be a bit bored without much of a marching season this year. 😥
  14. Hey Ya'll, my name is David, and I wanted to create this topic for any 4A marching band related topics. Its so anyone who is currently in a 4A marching band or used to be in a 4A marching band, such as myself since I marched in the Melissa Marching Band from 2015-2018, can talk about any 4A bands. So please feel free to chat about 4A bands, what you think may happen for this season, and predictions for how this year may go.
  15. Frisco ISD has announced the entire district is out on competitive marching shows, and a decision to participate in UIL region will be decided later.
  16. Watching these videos made me realize that even though 2014 wasnt the most exciting year competitively (with some exceptions, such as CTJs first big wins, Vista and Westlake coming back strong after missing finals in Austin, among others), the actual shows that were performed that year were spectacular. I think Flowermound should have scored closer to their 15 to 16 shows rather than being in the bottom of SA finals.
  17. Now that would be cool. It looks like football schedules are being updated. AND Westwood opens their season against Lake Travis. I got the child excited about that football game, so now she's pumped! We are totally gonna lose but you've got to keep yourself up anyway that you can.
  18. Thought of the morning - Think it would be interesting if bands who have chosen not to compete this year (read: hopefully all bands soon), and are doing smaller, non-competitive shows, would put together a show that served as some sort of prequel show to 2021. Would help seniors feel like they're helping build up to something, even if they can't be a part of the final product. Perhaps some of the music kids have been working on all summer makes its way into the show. Could be an interesting way to keep students engaged and invested in the long game. Show could be mostly story driven, IE long rehearsal hours aren't needed.
  19. Good luck to ya'll this year. Lewisville ISD is one of the strongest marching band districts in the state. If anyone can make it work I'm sure you guys can.
  20. I'm in. I have zoom on a couple of computers plus run a nice virus scanner on a blade server, so we good.
  21. Back when I went to Melissa HS in 2016, we used Contras, but that was the only season we used them. In 2017, we were supposed to use them, but there wasn't enough Contras for the whole group, so we switched back to Sousaphones.
  22. Bel Air HS band uses contras. I noticed it when watching one of their videos.
  23. Yes Melissa north Lamar and Paris have the best 4A gaurd very fun to watch !!
  24. thanks man honestly we had some technical problems at both area performances they were definitely not our best at all that’s why we’re all excited for this year! oh and in 2018 you guys and wills point had the best 4A show so it means a lot man
  25. LOL...I'm a Marcus Mom, but thanks for the compliment. FloMo is an excellent band. But to your point, there is a plan--there's a show, which can be modified a dozen ways to meet requirements. We'll know more in September, and even more in October. The "not knowing" part doesn't bother me, but I've been pretty involved with the program for six years, so I can wing it if need be. I do feel for the new parents. It's a rough year to acclimate. But when they do? They'll be able to roll with anything band hands them.
  26. Yup. Band camp is still happening, virtually.
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