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  2. You got a great program! Dont ever feel otherwise. I was in the audience at BOA stl finals and was blown away! Very deserving of their 9th place finish.
  3. Also, something I want to address since I know what people think about us: I understand that there are a lot of reasons to dislike Southlake Carroll, but please don't drag the band down for that. While I'm not proud of everything that happens at our school, the band students have never been a part of those incidents. We start every season in the same place as every other Texas band and don't have any real advantages despite what others think. We've only started to really be successful in recent years and I could not be more proud of how far this program has come. We work just as hard as any other program, and any awards we've received are ones we've earned.
  4. Speaking as a Carroll student, we definitely peaked at the end of the season (St. Louis for us). I won't bother making arguments about judge quality/bias or inaccurate placements, but nonetheless one or two early/mid season local contests doesn't establish a program as being unquestionably superior to another. That said, even though I agree with the rankings, it doesn't mean that a lower-ranked program didn't have a great season with their own successes.
  5. I guess we will see relatively soon. I am employed with a houston area band as a marching tech so I hope it happens. I agree about directors being optimistic until they cannot, but I wouldn't think they would be as publicly optimistic about it.
  6. I think directors have to be optimistic until they can't be anymore. The last thing they want is to not plan for a season, only for it to suddenly happen, where they have no plan. And in the end, if this year doesn't happen, then the show can relatively pretty easily be pushed to 2021 (I think a lot of drum corps are doing this). Fortunately (for better or worse), if marching band is gonna happen anywhere this fall, it's gonna be Texas. So there's my silver lining.
  7. I dont disagree with anything you said, im just going with what i hear from local programs and directors.
  8. I agree with most things you post on this board, so happy to have an open discussion about it... One of my main concerns is - what happens when a student tests positive for COVID...Does the entire band suddenly quarantine for 2 weeks? Are we gonna see performances where half the band is missing...particularly later in the season when kids just generally get sick when it gets cold anyway? I know there have been instances in the past where bands (especially in DCI) have gotten hit HARD by just basic stomach viruses...The fact is, marching band is the PERFECT conduit for the spread of this virus. Students are breathing A LOT, masks aren't feasible, students spend significant amounts of time within feet of each other. I can certainly see a world where Texas tries to have a normal football/marching season, that pretty quickly gets canceled as soon as we see a single death from a student athlete/band member/cheerleader. I also read some interesting points (Again, reading about the NBA season), that while these kids can generally withstand the virus, a lot of the directors are part of the vulnerable population. I'll always re-iterate that I freaking love marching band. That's no secret. I want the season as much as anyone (Except maybe the kids who get to march). I feel awful particularly for seniors...but some things are more important.
  9. You forget St Louis results exist, as well as Aledo dropping to 6th at the Waco regional, BCent falling below Lake Travis at San Antonio, and Colleyville Heritage missing state finals. So I would agree with having Carroll above the three. It's a power ranking based on the end of the season, not early season results.
  10. I try really hard to look at things objectively. There are a lot of factors here that lots of folks may not take into consideration. This is a state year for 6A. With the guidelines from UIL good for the summer, it's hard to imagine what life might look like in March. Financial. Some parents may not be in a position to afford to send their kid to GN that they may have been in March. Personal. Some parents may not be comfortable sending their kids on a plane after Covid-19. The District - Who knows what their thoughts on all of this travel may be. The fact that some state colleges are laying off staff already, and making drastic changes at the academic level by shutting schools down after November 24th, I can't imagine what that might do to schools. Now, as a parent, I'm super devastated for the kids, and especially my girl. This is supposed to be the time of her life. Right now, her focus should be her senior year. Now she's starting to look beyond that because, well, in her words, "It's almost like this whole thing is making me feel like I shouldn't even bother. There is literally nothing to get excited about." Cruel words to hear from a 17 year old. I need marching band to happen. I need to see Westwood put on a top notch show and I need to see them go to State because they are that good. Do I know that's gonna happen? Nope. But I'm praying hard every day for every high school kid out there that they get some semblance of normal for the next school year. Oh..and eff you Covid.
  11. I guess I am a bit more optimistic. Think about this. As more and more time passes, more and more about the fall looks more like normal. I think we will have a marching season, but it will look different. After all, Greg Abbott Is allowing rehearsals to start in a few days with severe limitations. I cant imagine those limitations are here to stay. I imagine BOA will happen, but it will be much more regionally focused, with very few bands traveling outside of their metro area. I also think that more mitigation is needed for NBA due to the fact that it is predominately indoors. I dont want to sound like I am wearing a tin foil hat, but with more and more bands announcing shows and leadership teams, I cant imagine directors will throw all of it away unless they absolutely have to. I dont think Westwood dropping out of nationals is indicitave of marching season happening, but rather a much more regionally enclosed competition season. Time will tell.
  12. Think the writing is on the wall here...think there's a slim chance there's a BOA circuit this year, a slimmer chance that there's a true "grand nationals," and an even slimmer chance that Texas bands make this trek if it does happen. Westwood certainly won't be the last Texas group to drop out (assuming music for all doesn't cancel it entirely first). Reading about the NBA "season" they're planning during the same time frame as marching season, and the EXTREME precautions their taking to make it possible, just doesn't make me very optimistic that something at the scale of marching band can happen this fall. I really don't mean to be doom and gloom...just expressing my fears.
  13. The margin between B Centennial/Cville was huge though 13 pt difference
  14. True, but they did beat out Lake Travis who got 7th at the most competitive BOA regional.
  15. B Centennial, Aledo, and Colleyville Heritage have all beat out Southlake Carroll...
  16. Colleyville Heritage from the DFW area has been criminally underrated
  17. Last week
  18. Sad to hear that Westwood is no longer planning to attend GN this fall. Not entirely surprised.
  19. MFA has delayed the release of the Regional lists. The May 15th payment deadline was also scrapped due to the uncertainty many programs face due the Pandemic. Many facets of the Fall 2020 Season are in limbo. I’ll go over more of this on Sunday.
  20. My band did A Million Dreams as our closer for our show in 2018. We had a singer and then at the end, we pulled out colored silks out of our uniform and made a rainbow across the field. Im sorry but its the best ending of a show ive seen. So biased but i dont care. Haha
  21. Gonna be a good year for them. Last year was probably the best they've been in a decade.
  22. Gonna be a good year for them. Last year was probably the best they've been in a decade.
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