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  2. I have no doubts that Kennedale and Springtown will do great this year. For Godley, I haven't seen any of their shows, but if they are doing good, that is good to hear! My main interest though is for Area E. Based on the Regional Forum for UIL, none of the bands that made State in 2018 are competing this year. Now it could change at any moment, but as of now, Area E may have a huge difference on who makes state. Also was every Entrance for Region due on the same day?
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  4. looks like there are a number of 6A programs that had originally claimed that they would not participate in UIL this year are in fact now planning for their shows. it would appear that the 6A field will be close to what it normally is for UIL many changes with the possible consolidation of venues and the lack of a finals in Area and State, as well as the many changes on the enter/exit of the field and the show length, but I am excited to see that more of the power programs are still planning for a show. If you need a marching band fix - this Saturday is the 3rd and final BOA Virtual Showcase - you can purchase a ticket to watch the livestream for $5.00, the steam runs from Noon to 5pm CT and includes some great programs from 7 states - some of the notable programs that we routinely talk about Claudia Taylor Johnson TX - 1:15pm American Fork UT - 1:45pm Centerville OH - 3:15pm Mustang, OK - 3:30pm Franklin TN - 3:45pm Broken Arrow OK - 4:15pm get your band fix - check it out - https://instruction.musicforall.org/product-category/live-showcase-events/
  5. Don’t give up on Kennedale or Springtown and Godley’s looking to strike this year. Godley’s already sounding amazing AND had one clinic already. Plus, GISD had an in-school calendar 2 week intermission at the beginning of this month and Godley had October band camp under UIL rules of course and had the man that wrote the drill clinic for them at the end of camp, anyone wanting to see part of this year’s show for them can YouTube “2020 Pride of Godley”. Now, with the problem that has popped up with Alvarado, they’re an amazing band and we have no clue how far along they actually are in the practice of their competing show, so for them, losing any practice is no good for a State year. Glen Rose and Lake Worth both made 1s last year, but got a 2 in 2018, they can swing either way this year depending on how hard they want it and how they practice. Venus is out in left field and hasn’t gotten 1s in awhile.
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  7. I didn't see any videos of Stephenville or Sunnyvale. Must of changed since I last looked. Also rip Castleberry if they don't compete. They have been very well every state year
  8. As of right now, there is no evidence of them performing in UIL this year, but I’m watching the results forms very carefully. The entry deadline for Region 30 has just past(Friday, October, 16th). There’s some trouble that has popped up for the Alvarado Golden Warrior band as of late as well. 3 band members have tested positive for COVID and the band is in quarantine for at least Saturday, October, 24th. According to AISD, if anymore band members come back positive, they’re gonna extend it to Halloween. They won’t be able to extend it any farther, because Alvarado has a competition in Springtown on November 7th(Sound of Springtown) and then the UIL Competition November 14th.
  9. Oh forgive me, I understand. Yes the judging panel was complained about between a lot the bands there. Bands like Wakeland were given strange placements. The Legacy band kind of went under reconstruction the past few years. 4 head band directors since 2015. Recently, they made area finals the first time since 2009 in a tough, Area F. You seem to be familiar with the Mansfield area as well so you probably know what I’m talking about. Mansfield bands, in general, are getting better.
  10. No, I meant Legacy was going strong at that point in time. I wasn't there, but directors have a verification period after they see the scores and rankings before anything is announced. If Mr. Fugett or a director from any other program suspected something was amiss, they had ample opportunity to have it checked out. I suspect Area B just suffered from a bad judge or two that year. Unfortunately, it happens more often than it should.
  11. Ferris isn’t competing this year either. According to the official UIL Result Forms, Stephenville and Sunnyvale are competing, didn’t see Waco La Vega or Silsbee, Iowa Park is competing this year as well. I messed up on Region 30, FW Castleberry isn’t competing this year as of yet, but everyone else in that Region(which go to Area D) are.
  12. Well I’m just going off of what a lot of witnesses have told me. If what I’m saying is true, the judges swapped legacy and lake ridge’s scores around therefore, sending lake ridge to state. I agree that lake ridge was doing quite well around this time. However, it has become clear that to me and the legacy members who were there, that lake ridge went in legacy’s place.
  13. Actually, Lake Ridge was first in prelims from what I remember. Not sure about Legacy's placement, but that was definitely a point in time when they were going strong.
  14. As of right now, the only bands I know of that are competing are (Lumberton, possibly Bridge City), who are in Area C, (Melissa, Argyle, Canton, Anna, and possibly Iowa Park and Mineral Wells), who are all in Area B. Bands that are most likely not competing are Sunnyvale, Silsbee, La Vega, and Stephenville. I have no information on North Lamar, even though I believe they do have a show
  15. The tale of the Mansfield Legacy High School Band in 2013 is difficult to explain. I did not march this show but it appears that TMEA accidentally sent the wrong band to state and had to issue an official apology to the Legacy band at that time. The people that I have talked to (I marched with this school from 2016-2019) say that Legacy was first place in prelims at 4A Area B. However, finals got rained out and the people that chose bands to go to state looked at the performance order and picked Lake Ridge instead of Legacy. Lake Ridge's show was good, but since TMEA would have felt bad telling the Lake Ridge kids "Just kidding, we meant to say Mansfield Legacy" and it was Lake Ridge's first area contest, TMEA let Lake Ridge go to state in Legacy's place. I also heard that the judging was wack with every band there. There's a forum on this site from 2013 that showed confusion from people with every band's placement (http://www.txbands.com/forums/topic/4684-uil-area-b-marching-contest/page/2/). With all of that being said, Legacy's 2013 program "Sakura" would have been remembered more if it had the opportunity to be at the state contest. Here it is:
  16. Of all the everyday gadgets that impact quality of life, headphones are near or at the top of the list. We run with them on, we take them to bed, we wear them on trains and planes - some of us even eat, drink, and go to sleep under headphones.
  17. As UIL Region deadlines approach, we are starting to see just how much the Coronavirus Pandemic has affected the Marching arts. Let’s take a look at a few Regions with varying participation levels and how we need to prepare ourselves for flexible show-day guidelines.
  18. Any 4A bands NOT competing this year? All of Region 30(Alvarado, Castleberry, Glen Rose, Kennedale, Springtown, Godley, Venus and Lake Worth) are all competing, but are there any in other regions that aren’t?
  19. Wow great job Deana! You have the perfect voice for announcing! I voted for you. 🥰
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  21. Hey gang! My daughter is a senior at Westwood and saw this thing and thought it would be fun for me to join. I am the current announcer for the Westwood band. I have committed to match any donation I make through this fundraiser up to $500 directly to the Westwood band. **To the mods, if this isn't appropriate, please let me know! So sorry.** The money raised will benefit Music for All. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! https://osmosvote.com/videocampaign/MFA/Joiningus2020?participant=Deana-Flores-574
  22. From what I heard, Associate Director Suzanne Dell is currently the Interim Head Band Director for the remainder of the school year. I do not know whether she will continue to be in that position or if a new director will be selected.
  23. well said. but Stay at home. Most people with COVID-19 have mild illness and can recover at home without medical care.
  24. District Football game tonight. - excited to see part of this years show on the field. throw back to our first year in the chameleon type dance uniform (cool to see my sophomore in that uniform) - complete with matching gator style face covers looking forward to to what they will have on the field tonight - first time on a stadium field. shout our to FJM for the great Tuba Bell covers If you have not seen it - MFA/BOA has virtual events for the next 3 Saturdays from around the country from their own locations. CTJ and Broken Arrow will be on 2 weeks from tomorrow. it is different, but it is still band - let's do this - stay safe out there
  25. being budget minded is wise. no point really in splurging this year. any sort of costumes will make it look cooler. i've always appreciated the guard! they've been a great strength over the years. if they've lost a lot of seniors, i didn't notice it. granted i have no idea what i'm talking about. 😄 did you want access to the video drive? i don't think i had asked you earlier. it has a lot of historical stuff on there, including TWHS stuff. i've given the link to Joni and Andy and the other directors i don't know (along w/ the 15+ show ideas i manically concocted while ripping the DVDs late at night 😄), and i said something about maybe sharing it with overly eager band nerd students and parents. don't know how much it has actually gotten around.
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